Have to sporadically (regularly) enter PIN twice


I can’t really reproduce this or reduce it to a single situation, but sporadically, and quite often (at least 1-2x per day), I have to enter the PIN twice - I enter it, and then another PIN entry window immediately appears. (And no, I didn’t enter a wrong PIN). I think this happens when I click on notifications, or the app is already sort-of open/loaded in the background, or something like that - not sure. This also happens on 3 different phones both with Android 7.0, 7.1 and 8.0, so I think more people must see this bug and the dev team should see it too if they daily use the app?


This correlates with what I’ve found and reported - occasionally it will reject my fingerprint and make me enter my PIN. It’s almost like it fails on the first unlock attempt. This only happens intermittently and it appears to be once you’ve had the app open and the screen has switched off/gone to sleep.

@StarlingSupport any update on this? I reported it to @sarah.guha some time ago.


I’ve noticed that unlocking the app via fingerprint to be a little iffy too; other apps have no problems. I have to try a couple of times placing my finger on the reader on the back of my phone.

I’m an Android user if that helps. :slight_smile:


I get this fingerprint error sometimes which forces the pin. I just close the app and it’s fine. My fingerprint reader is on the back so not sure if I’m accidentally touching it when launching the app and it’s not liking it


@thom_horne @Cragmireuk I’m on Android too and never have issues with the fingerprint reader in other apps or when unlocking the phone. It’s definitely an issue with the app - it only started when the updated welcome screen/login functionality was rolled out.


The fingerprint reader works fine for me actually. I just have this issue with the PIN-only login.
Maybe all Starling devs use fingerprint readers and haven’t noticed this…?