Has anyone used Starling in Israel or Dutch Antilles?


Has anyone used Starling in Curacao (Dutch Antilles) or Israel for card and/or ATM withdrawals?


I used my card in Aruba Bonaire & Curacao in January and had no issues.
Cash and POS in Aruba and POS on the other 2 islands


Curacao you will find its accepted where all Mastercards are accepted, all ATM’s accepted it.

Israel is hit and miss with Mastercard full stop, some banks ATM’s won’t accept it, others will. They are generally clearly marked which you can. As for POS its not that big in many places in Israel so having cash is the key. This was last year so you may find more accept it, but I doubt the POS position has changed much.


Thank you, really appreciate the info!


Thanks! That’s interesting to know. I’ll make sure I draw out sufficient cash.
Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:


Here is a link to the Starling page on travelling to Israel. Click on the down arrow to expand for further details about using your card in ATM and shops:

Should you wish to post feedback about a trip to Israel, please click on the Using Starling in Israel :israel: hyperlink above and post comments in that discussion thread.

Thank you.


Wow! Thank you so much MIROW - very handy info. can’t thank you enough.


Sorry I have no info on the Dutch Antiles!