Has anyone created a roundup feature using the API?


Surely the Roundup should work as a round down on incoming transactions. The +18p transaction should be 18p rounded instead of 82p. If you have it as 82p then a balance of say £10.18 becomes £9.36!


You are correct. My mistake. Anything received which has a pennies after the decimal, should simply be added to the Coin Fund, leaving you with the whole pounds.

If you have a balance of £10 and you receive £0.18, all 18p would be added immediately to the fund, keeping your balance at £10.

If you have a balance of £10 and you receive £245.28p, 28p would be added to the fund.

The coin filter would effectively strip away the pence upon receipt of an incoming payment, leaving you with the big bucks.


In terms of the Mock up, the Coin Filter should have accumulated £1.29 for “Yesterday”.

Strip £0.50 from the received payment from Peter Parker.

Round up the Harris & Hoole payment by £0.60

Round up the Netflix payment by £0.01

Strip £0.18 from the received payment from Starling Bank.

0.50 + 0.60 + 0.01 + 0.18 = 1.29

For the record also, instead of payments being rounded up, I like the think of there being a filter on your balance.

Rounding sounds as though you’re rounding the payment for the Merchant, whereas you’re technically stripping pennies away from your balance and adding them to a fund.

NOTE: I said “round” in my correction above for simplicity sake.


Sadly, I overlooked the fact that the rolling total for your daily transactions is currently located where I have placed the Round Up “Pills”. Some rejigging will need to be done.


Coin Filter integrated into Transaction Feed

Here is an update on my previous attempts. I feel this to be cleaner and easier to make out. All transactions with pennies are “filtered” by the Coin Filter (Alternative to Round Up), so that no pennies make it to your balance.

  • Payments that would otherwise create pennies, are “rounded up” to the nearest pound and added to your “Coin Collection”.

  • Money received is also “filtered”, removing all of the pennies and adding them to your “Coin Collection” also.

  • Transactions without pennies are untouched and therefore do not require the extra “Coin Collection” line.

  • The second image is exactly the same besides indicators showing how your money was collected. Via rounding up, or purely filtering away.


I think of the two, I slightly prefer the left hand version. It’s just a little “cleaner” to use your terminology, but they both work for me - and I’m an iPhone user (!). This would be a great facility to incorporate into the Starling experience. R-


Coin Filter / Roundup / Transaction Feed + Collapsible Panels

As well as the implementation of the Coin Filter / Roundup Feature, collapsible panels might be nice so as to keep you from distraction whilst analysing your spending.


Hmm, I really liked your previous mockup, but noticed too that the daily totals were missing.

The new mockup isn’t doing it for me though. All those 'p’s are cluttering up the screen, and I’d find the red and green arrows confusing/distracting, my eye is immediately drawn to the red down arrow which seems to be indicating something bad.

Personally, I don’t see the need to display the round-up amount for each individual transaction in the list, this provides no value for me and just clutters up the listing making it harder to scan over the totals column.

Not really seeing the point of collapsible panels there too, to be honest. They would help if looking back and forth at the transactions on two non-contiguous days, but I don’t see this is a common occurrence.

Maybe try and find a way of incorporating the daily roundup total into your previous mockup which I felt was much slicker/clearer.