Has anyone created a roundup feature using the API?


If so, mind messaging me?



I thought about it, but then Monzo bought it in, so I never got any further or thought about it lol


It’s been asked for often enough, it can’t be far off as an official update.


The twitter team told me it’s not on the road map but they’ll consider it next time.


Indeed, I can confirm that the feature currently is not on the roadmap.


As long as plenty more green buttons are, Starling can count on my business…


Pretty sad! It’s what everyone wants, but it can be done via the API - so not the worst case for tech minded people.


I don’t want it :see_no_evil: Hate it with Monzo and have it turned off.


I’m toying with turning it off; I hate how it now shows the rounded figure in my feed.

I want to know how much I payed for a transaction and not how much it totals with the rounding up! I’m possibly one of the few who preferred rounding to be shown as a separate feed item.

I only use the feature in Monzo to occasionally treat myself.( I did before the feature was available, so I doubt I’d miss it or out on any treats.) :wink:


I haven’t been happy with any of the implementation of coin jar at Monzo - The old way cluttered the feed, the new way is deceptive and wrong.

If it showed the actual amount, with a rounded up amount in small grey letters, I’d be happier.

But even then, I’m not massively fussed with it.


I think that’s a solution I can back. :slight_smile:


I actually like the Monzo coin jar with the feed and wish starling would implement it.


There’s always one… :roll_eyes:



I know I like to be the odd one out.


I’m just the odd one.


Your not only the odd one :smiley_cat:


Shame, I think it would attract a lot of people and clearly had a lot of support in the coin jar thread. It was also mentioned in the roadmap, seems strange to mention it off the back of the support for it and not follow it up.


I’ve been thinking about it but thought it was closer because of another thread so held off.

How would you want it to work? How configurable?

I was also thinking about a simple page that shows me the summary of both individual and joint accounts…


Hi kycoys, I’ve made 2 different RoundUp scripts.

Monthly RoundUps
This calculates the RoundUps for a month.

This is the one I use daily: RoundUps to a Goal

I’ve also got another which gets your balance, last 5 transactions and the balance of any savings goals too. This is what I’ve used here: https://youtu.be/9LMuBHUMtT4

Then for a bit of fun I’ve also made an Alexa skill to transfer money to a Savings Goal: https://youtu.be/5FbG8dH3BHQ


Will this work easily or do I need anything else to go with it.