Has anybody applied for a job at Starling?


Hi @daniel,

We are currently hiring for Customer Service positions but this would all be based at our head office in London as we like everyone to feel part of the team and have an impact on the development of the product experience.

We do have some overnight positions available which can work remotely so definitely worth checking the roles available on the website.


Thanks @Oliver_Wright!

For remote overnight positions, what training is required? I assume a few weeks down in London?


Yes certainly at least 6 weeks would be required.


OMG, I’m so tempted, i could be a COps… Could you imagine @LoganAllan’s face when I rock up on my first day in the office?! :joy::joy::joy:


One of my favourite jobs ever was remote working with Sky, going back a few years now, they have expanded that side of their business a lot, because its very effective and substantially cheaper.

I’m not looking for a new job, but Starling does seem like an interesting place to work at.


But then how will we communicate? You can’t use gifs when speaking to each other


You’ll have to act them out… With props! :joy:



And with the medium of dance. :grin:


@Oliver_Wright didn’t you apply for a job at Starling?


No, that was me @LoganAllan :+1:t2:


Any luck?


I do hope so @Graham :wink:


How’s about a bit of your story? I don’t mean that in a stalker-type way. Just interested how a a lad from the country ended up in the bright lights working at the cutting edge of banking.


I applied for a job last week but sadly I was unsuccessful. Unfortunately they are not looking for any junior staff at this point. My application was more of a hopeful shot in the dark to be fair, though it would have been nice to be able to directly contribute to the team.