Has anybody applied for a job at Starling?


I was wondering whether anybody has applied for a role at Starling?

Were you successful?

If not, did you receive any feedback?

Do you have any comments or constructive feedback with regards to the recruitment process?


I wish, but so far none of their positions are a good fit for me. I was very excited for the web developer position until I saw that they were looking for the “wordpress” kind of web developer. :sweat_smile:


I would love to work for them, as I feel so passionate about their product and love the direction they are going in.


The idea of working for a startup/fintech excites me, but alas I’m not of the technical experience. If they ever start working in recruitment I’m there!


Or in mental health…:slightly_smiling_face:


I would love a job working for them! I love technology and being an engineer for many years, have had to learn good customer service skills and problem solving. If there are jobs going where I can work from home with a company supplied MacBook and answer technical support questions all day, I’ll give up my engineering day job for that!!! :wink:


I’d love to, but sadly London is a dealbreaker for me!


Move to London! :wink::cityscape:


Been there done that, but alas it wasn’t for me and I prefer North of the Wall :slight_smile:


Fair enough, I don’t blame you! I’m sure the scenery is a lot nicer where you are as well!


I looked at the positions, but none of them mention unlimited Yorkshire Tea as a benefit? :smirk:

My current employers know how to incentivise!


YES! Perfect, where do I send my CV? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to work for Starling, but wouldn’t want to commute to London from Brighton everyday! :train2:

I would be interested in a customer services role, if you could work from home


We have unlimited Yorkshire tea here believe it or not. The very same.


Throw in an I :heart: Yorkshire mug and you’re onto a winner!


They do bacon butties to…


That’s my favourite part of the week :heart_eyes:


We have unlimited PG here currently :coffee:


I feel for you Joe :wink:


I don’t get anything, I’m a mobile engineer! :disappointed_relieved: