Happy New Year


Happy New Year to you all!
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A Very Happy New Year to you Richard :clinking_glasses:


and a healthy and prosperous one to all


And to you, Richard, and everyone here.

(A worrying amount of drink on show hereπŸ˜‰).


Happy New Year from Anne and all the team at Starling Bank.


Happy New Year everyone. :smile: :tada:


Happy New Year :slight_smile:


Happy New Year to you and your team :clinking_glasses:


Happy new year to everyone at starling bank.


Happy new year! :+1::grinning:


Happy New Year to all staff and customers at Starling.

A personal anecdote if I may be so indulgent - this time 12 months ago I was losing time, sleep and hair over my finances - mainly due to my poor money management skills but also due to legacy banking systems - a big one for me historically was getting caught out by debit card purchases that didn’t maybe post for 2 days after making them, amongst other things.

For me, Starling has been a breath of fresh air. It has done a lot to help mend the relationship between me and money - such that I’ve never felt so in control of my finances than I have with Starling. And that’s one less thing to keep me up at night which I am eternally grateful for.

Thanks Starling!!!


This is pretty much what Starling was set up to achieve; I love hearing stories like this as it shows that what Starling are doing is really working towards helping people. :smile:


Great testimonial, Simon. Thomas says it well, and no doubt @anne and @sarah.guha will pass the word on back at the office :grinning:.


That’s incredible - thank you for sharing this with us Simon! It means a lot to hear real customer stories like this :slight_smile:


This is really great to hear, thank you for sharing! I hope we can do them same for many more customers this year :slight_smile: