Handle Declined Transactions Better


After seeing the hoo-ha over the CPW card threat to make me liable for fraudulent transactions, I thought I would be sensible and lock my card - it stays in my wallet, so why not keep it safe?

I stupidly forgot that I use it to pay for my Google storage, so got a decline notification on a cnp transaction last Friday. I unlocked my card, and Google automatically debited the amount properly later that day - well done Google.

However, Starling - despite sending me a notification that the transaction had declined, and the transaction having a ‘declined’ status, continued to show it in my transaction list, and the amount was included in my spending pulse for the day.

I’m very fortunate in that a declined transaction is a rare event, but for other people having declined transactions shown up as if it had left their account, and having an incorrect pulse for the day could be major. I’d certainly be upset if a retailer told me my transaction had declined and the app said I’d spent the money!


Hey @Nicholas,

Sorry, I only came across this thread now.

I’m going to follow this up tomorrow as soon as I’m in the office. I’ll create a ticket and contact you via the app as I want to look into this


These older transactions have appeared in my list of transactions. The bottom one is ‘declined’, the middle ‘reversed’.

The name and logo are completely incorrect, but I can only submit a logo improvement for these transactions for some reason!


Hi Nicholas, this has been raised as a visual bug and our engineers are aware of the issue. We’ll make sure it’s looked into.


I’m really pleased this issue has been raised.

I too tend to lock my card when I’m not using it. On Saturday, I went to a well known National Car Parts supplier and I spent £63. Or so I thought. The transaction wasn’t initially declined, the card was accepted at the terminal and I received a transaction slip. I left the car parts outlet and just 10 minutes later, I received a notification that the Merchant had reversed the transaction. I was obviously surprised and to be honest, mortified that I had walked away without as it turns out, technically paying for the goods I had just ‘bought’. I phoned the car parts place and they were equally baffled. I contacted Starling and over the course of a couple of hours, as helpful as they were, we didn’t really resolve the issue. As it turns out, I had to return to the auto factors and return one of the items as it was the wrong part for my car. They issued me a refund, which I thought had gone through, only to discover that it hadn’t at that juncture.

So this morning, I received a refund of £21.96. I then went into the security part of my card and reactivated the ‘card present’ function. The £63 I spent on Saturday was then deducted from my account. I was more than baffled again! However, I’m glad the money was taken, at least I hadn’t effectively got goods for nothing.

As things stand, I think the auto factors place has had full payment for the goods I bought, which after the refund of the other parts, came to £41.04. At least I hope they’ve had their money! Maybe Starling could please tell me this is so?

I’m somewhat bemused that as my card was seemingly ‘locked’ (yes, my fault!) when I made the original transaction, technically, it should never have been accepted at the terminal, it should have been declined immediately. Why then did it take some ten minutes to work out my card was locked?

I have to say, the Customer service rep I spoke to on Saturday was great.


With the issues that starling had with their payment processor over the weekend that’s probably made your situation more confused.