Growth Street On Marketplace


Don’t remember reading this anywhere else. Did I miss it?

Is this another media leak?


Hey @Ad13 - yep, we’ve just announced that Growth Street will be one of the first partners in the Business Marketplace. They aren’t live yet, but are coming soon! We aren’t shouting about it too much yet since the integration isn’t available to connect in the app yet, but we’ve shared the news with the media (the article above), and then will be sharing more with you all here once it’s all up and running. Stay tuned :sunglasses:


Sounds like the media are Gob Shytes yet again!


I’m not sure what you expect? If Starling go out of their way to share new information with the media, then they are… going to publish it?

It’s not a huge annoyance of mine, but I would much rather hear the news from Starling first, than read it in a financial publication (given this is supposed to be a community forum).

If Starling aren’t going to shout about it? Why share the news with the media in the first place?

Like a said, a small annoyance, and I certainly won’t lose any sleep over it :joy:


I’m actually not at all bothered - just highlighted it for a topic of conversation. I doesn’t change my life one bit.


Oh, don’t get me wrong - I think it’s great you highlighted it - I do love to read about the new stuff coming soon.

Although I’d rather hear it from Starling first - But that’s just me.


Yeah there’s one thing for sure, you wouldn’t tell anyone in the media where the birds nest is!


It would be useful if Starling were to publish all of their press releases on their site, rather than just ones relating to major feature launches.


Hi Ben - We didn’t issue our own press release on this. It was Growth Street’s press release. As a rule, we don’t usually put other companies’ press releases on our site. I hope that helps.


Thanks, Alexandra. I didn’t realise it was a non-Starling release.