Growing Community


The community really is turning into something great. Quite a few people have joined recently, and the feedback on here from us all is awesome. The app is really starting to become something great.


I’m really happy with how the community is turning out, it’s a really nice and friendly place to be.

Many thanks to all the Starling staff who have the task of upkeeping the forums, to everyone working behind the scenes and to everyone else who visits the forum and makes it the place it is today. :grinning:


Hear hear!


Glad to hear this from you all! :see_no_evil:


Good call @Joe_Merriman & @thom_horne :+1:


Still waiting to be able to sign on with email and password, but come on to answer various DMs.


Have to agree @Graham a good growing community. Thanks to all the staff @JamesPratley and @sarah.guha for the community and hard work and all the individuals that contribute on here.


Good to see you back, Richard. Things are moving on apace now. :grin:


Thanks for the Starling Pass Thom, I’m not sure if your aware, but I used it last night and I’m now a Starling customer!


Yes, it shows up when one is used and you’re the first person I’ve given an invite code to.

Thanks for the thanks. :grinning:


I have learned loads from everyone here. Thank you