GPS Outage


Looks like GPS’ New Years Resolution wasn’t to make their systems more reliable! Got notifications from Monzo (Prepaid) and Curve but nothing from Starling Bank.

I personally wasn’t using my card at the time, did anyone notice any issues?

GPS Issues - answers please
GPS Issues - answers please

Fire also advised customers, it was only Starling who did not bother


Back to our old tricks again? That’s extremely disappointing to hear.


That’s the important question. I’ve been using my card this afternoon with no problems at all.

Did anyone actually have a problem? If a tree falls in a forest, and no-one is around, does it make a sound? Likewise, if a service provider has an issue, but no-one is affected, do we need to be told?


I see your point but proactively telling customers they may have a problem (like Monzo, Curve, etc al.) is much better to me than sweeping it under the carpet and hoping that no-one will notice.


According to the Monzo forum, it looks like it did appear on the Starling Bank Status Page and then got deleted again:

Why should I be looking at Monzo’s Community to find out about outages for Starling?

Just when you was winning my trust back and I’ve started moving some Direct Debits over to you.

@anne, we need an explanation, particular to this merry song and dance that Hannah led this chap on:

Deliberately skirting around the question is not acceptable at all.


Signed up here to post that I’m a customer but I don’t really use Starling out of principle. I’ve moved my main account to Monzo and was considering moving to Starling since it’s more feature rich right now

Because of this I and previous behavior I will absolutely not be switching to Starling. I don’t trust you at all - so shady!


I don’t understand what they think they gain by trying to hide it? This thread wouldn’t exist if they had just been up front about it.

There is no thread on Monzo’s forum because there was no need as customers were informed.


Also deleted a Tweet…


I’m a very happy Starling customer, but I must say that this makes me question that. I don’t expect a new startup to have 100% uptime - outages are part and parcel of being at the bleeding edge. I do, however, expect honesty and transparency around said downtime.


I agree - the down time was tiny and I really don’t care about that at all. I care more about the attempt to cover it up here



It looks like @sarah.guha is trying to type some kind of thesis as a reply because it’s been saying she’s replying for like 30m+ now.

No essay would have been required if they’d simply updated the Status Page (and kept it there) and turned on the notifications like we keep asking for over and over and over again but we keep been fobbed off with ‘we’ve made something better’ which clearly isn’t better and clearly isn’t working.


I’ve heard that this isn’t the first outage to disappear from the history before? I certainly compared the status logs of Monzo and Starling before and assumed Starling had less issues - fool on me I guess :man_shrugging:



I love your engagement and speculation. Let me clear a few things up.

Earlier this afternoon we changed our status on our status page to a partially degraded service for our debit card. This status updates in real time and reflects that we are aware that customers might experience an issue but the impact is not widespread and therefore not an outage, downtime or incident status.

To confirm we have not deleted a record of an incident today, we have updated our status of our debit card service in real-time which as per the status page functionality does not leave a history in the past incident log.

I appreciate you want transparency and want us to communicate to you but we were not affected in the same way as Monzo or Revolut and so we reported only a degraded service accordingly.



Yes, they have done this several times and is well documented on the community (mainly by myself) but as you say, it’s extremely misleading to customers to show that they aren’t any issues and annoys (at least some) customers.

It’s been said time and again, we appreciate there will be outages, legacy banks have them, tech companies have them. That’s not the issue. The issue is not telling customers that they are happening, hiding that they did happen and sometimes directly lying to customers about them.


Wow, it took you nearly 40 minutes to come up with THAT?


If no one was effected from Starling Bank, whats the fuss about? Why should Starling Bank report an outage when it won’t concern us or effect us? It’s right for them not to report an outage if they know Starling Customers are not affected by it.

I’m a new and extremely happy customer of Starling Bank. Keep up the brilliant work!!!


Hi Sarah

Thanks for engaging with us here

With all due respect this is a matter of semantics that is irrelevant to the reason that people seem to be concerned here. Is this clear to you or would you like me to explain more clearly my specific concerns?

Why doesn’t this remain in your history? Do you personally think that if an outage may only affect some subset of your customers, as opposed to a blanket outage effecting all of them, that it should not be recorded in the status history of your service?

That’s good to hear - less issues for people is good :slight_smile:

I believe Monzo let me know that

Prepaid: card payments may fail

Now it’s my understanding that during the incident its possible my Starling debit card may have failed to correctly function if making a card payment. I’m rather confused now because it seems like that is in fact the same failure mode - could you help me out?


Thanks for responding Sarah. It’s good to hear that Starling weren’t affected in the same way as Monzo or Revolut. Can you explain why this is the case, and how you know to what level they were affected? What does partially degraded service mean? ie. were some people unable to make payments, or were things just slow?

Personally, I would feel much more comfortable as a customer seeing an incident in the log saying ‘partially degraded service’ than seeing a log saying nothing had ever gone wrong, but knowing that something had, even if it’s minor. Most customers would expect that any degraded service reported in real time would also be reported in the historical list. I believe that you didn’t delete it, but not putting it there in the first place comes to the same thing. As @pwr22 said, it’s a matter of semantics, and feels like a way to be ‘technically’ honest, whilst actually obfuscating things.

When people ask questions on public channels, it does also leave a bad taste when Starling try to make those conversations private instead of publicly acknowledging and responding.

I love Starling, and have been using it almost exclusively for spending for several months. The only thing that I don’t love at the moment is the messaging around incidents such as this, but if it gets to the point where I don’t feel I can trust my bank, then it could be a deal breaker.

I really do hope you take the response from customers here seriously, and move towards owning and reporting degraded service, regardless of what counts as an ‘incident’ in your internal standards.


Put much better than I could, thank you :wink: