GPS Issues - answers please


Hi there.

First post but long time user, since 29/06/17, so just over a year I’ve been a Starling!

I wonder if senior management could post here about the continued GPS payment processing issues.

I post this as a once happy customer, who now feels slightly alienated by events, and your inaction to find a long term solution.

I get that you took full responsibility (as always) for the outage, and that’s admirable. As were the apologies. This is not a thread about the status page, or about posts about the issue on the forum, its purely and simply about your continued use of GPS given their multiple outages and downtime it causes us.

I see other fintechs have either taken the payment processing in house or are planning to use other processors.

Why do you continue to align yourselves with GPS? It’s undermining my confidence in your good brand, and after a very happy year as a customer I’m seriously questioning exactly why you do so.

I can’t be the only person who finds this disheartening.

And on to my direct question. Are you planning to take this in house to take control of events going forwards?



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