Got New Starling Current Account 🥁 - First Impressions + Feedback


Arrived home and wife handed me a mysterious black envelope in a square shape with premium feel. Purple gave me clue about what it’s going to be. Loved the packaging, I know it won’t be to everyone’s taste too much paper and all that but I really liked the premium feel.
Some other positive things I experienced:

  • only had to enter CVV instead of 16 digit card number
  • impressive security features true 21st century control
  • pin revel, card number and CVV all in app
  • no need to go to an ATM :atm: for pin change

Couple of things I would like to see implemented if possible:

  • notification :bell: when card is added on to Android Pay
  • ability to add card to android pay directly from Starling app with a click of button from card screen
  • touching the virtual card In-app could bring further security options

Well done :+1:and congratulations :confetti_ball: on this impressive start. Thanks.

Please add your comments if you are new to Starling like me let us all know good, bad and the ugly.


Welcome to Starling and let us know what you purchase first :slight_smile:


Not that we’re nosey, of course …(But let us know all the same :grin:)


Cheers guys will do. I know it will be my coffee in the morning on my way to work :slightly_smiling_face:


If I’m right it was # #FirstStarlingPurchase on Twitter and Instagram?


Looks all good and glad to see the starling card arrived safely. Enjoy!


Thanks for your feedback - I would absolutely love for this to be the case too (as we have it for Apple Wallet) but afaik its not possible yet.


Cheers Sarah - Look forward to this in future but I must say for me personally great first impressions a big thumbs up for your team :+1:
The only thing I am currently concern about is MC SecureCode availability and Starlings silence on this. Would you be able to let us know if this is planned and when can we expect?


Here it is :slight_smile:


Thanks Ali.

You’ve satisfied the test. There’ll be no further scrutiny of your purchasing behaviour :grinning:.


haha thanks! :slight_smile:


Got my card yesterday. As an Apple fan and design fan the way the card is presented is very good.

Opening a package or unpacking a product should always be apart of the experience and you’ve done yourself proud here Starling. Well done :clap:t2:


Do post your first purchase :smile:


Unfortunately I already did my first purchase with Apple Pay and I ate it.

Hint: It was McDonald’s :rofl: