Got June interest twice



me too, off on a spending spree with my exta 0.04p


Same here, I had notification of two x 5p interest.


Woohoo, enjoy! :tada: :moneybag: haha


Hey - I didn’t. Where’s mine? :smirk:


Thanks for letting us know!
We’re working on a fix for this bug now, which is impacting a small number of customers.
Once fixed, those of you impacted will see the June Interest Earned only appear once in the app.


What about overdraft charges? Got 2 same messages about overdraft charges. So will I be charged twice?


Hey - that doesn’t sound right! Can I recommend you reach out to our customer service team in the app to discuss this, if you haven’t already? :e-mail:


I also received two messages about June debit interest but was assured by customer services that I’ll only be charged once.


I got the alert and notification twice about receiving interest but only receive it once in the account.


My July interest charge was debited at 07:00 this morning which is good. Unfortunately no category is shown.
Starling please can you ensure that all transactions offer a category so that we can classify both income and expenditure. Thanks.


Adding payments to Spending Insights is certainly on the to-do list, but a little more complicated on our end. We’re working on it and we’ll update the thread below when there’s any news! :slight_smile: