Google Images for Payees/Goals



Long time lurker but have now taken the plunge since the joint accounts launched. I have been setting Goals and Payees up and love the image feature. However it would be great if you had the option of your Camera or be able to search for an image. For example if I was going on holiday I would like to have a beach image. If we could quickly search and add the image I think this would be a real plus.

Below are two screenshots from an app that does this albeit not a banking app

Not sure what people think.


Looks like a good idea but I’m surprised another app has been able to implement this.

Google have recently been forced to make it much harder for people to be able to download images from Google Images by the likes of StockPhoto, etc.

So my concern would be whether or not this would breach Google’s Terms of Service.


I think this might might have been discused before. I think some generic images might be a nice idea. But I think the advice at the time was there is ways to get your own images.

As a comparison when creating a pot on Monzo they allow a few generic images and colours to be chosen from.


Good idea. I do this manually by doing a Google image search, downloading to my device then adding it to the goal. Would be nice to be able to do this in-app.


The first thing i think of when anyone mentions Google Image Search, for any purpose, is copyright. Some sort of set of generic images great, but i’m not sure i’d want to add to the systemic usage of images that the creators haven’t given permission for, gained credit for, or been given some dosh for.


I agree no-one wants to infringe copyright.

I suspect most of us currently obtain an image (likely from Google or the web), save it to our photos and then use it. Not sure that if images are not being used commercially or in public, whether there is as much of a copyright issue.

A set of clip art or images would be welcome but if there is anyway of using Google Images or something similar it would be really beneficial.


Oh no, i’m with you completely on the idea, and while i agree that personal use is a different matter, i just have enough designer friends who spend hours ranting on and on (with good reason to be fair) that the image they created exclusively for a Taiwanese yak herding club website 15 years ago is still turning up all over the internet being used for all kinds of purposes by all kinds of people who have never given so much as a second thought as to who created it and if they should use it, I just get very nervous about Google Images generally.


Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but I see this as a waste of development time.

Simply having “chose a photo from your library” is more than enough. There seems little point in the “take a photo” option, because I don’t know anyone who would see something they’d want as a photo for their goal, and take a picture of it by going through the multi step purpose of opening their banking app, navigating to a goal, selecting the image etc etc.

As for the google image search, again, the hassle of building a search engine into Starling seems disproportionate to the benefit it will give people. Especially when you can simply save whatever photo you want by browsing the web.

They could possibly add a few more stock images, but personally, I’d always use a custom one anyway.


A few a stock images or colours will be fine.

I agree though the current function works and improving this should be way down on the prority list. There is bigger more important issues to deal with first.


Totally agree on the priority aspect. Maybe one for the list if other people value it.

For me it’s these little bits which take an app from a good app to a great app in time.