Goals-styled pockets for monthly expenses?


I love the goals idea with starling, and I’m using it currently to put money towards my first car (which I hope to get in the new year after I pass my test).

Something that would be handy however would be a pockets idea or another name (as I think Monzo uses pockets?) Basically small pots of money which you deposit into and save for monthly expenses such as phone bills, bus fares, subscription services. I feel like this could be useful for budgeting for students for example so they know how much they actually have to spend as appose to just one lump sum of money.

Maybe keep it within the Goals tab, but rename the goals tab? Or add a new tab within the main spending screen which lets you keep money aside which you cant spend until needed (the date in which the money comes out). And then maybe a day before the bill is due, money gets shifted into the account from the small deposit so you don’t miss the bill.

Just a thought anyway, something I’ve thought about to improve the budgeting system already in place. I didn’t think it would work but I’ve really cut down my spending this month, especially in the rush to Christmas.


I would prefer to have standing orders or direct debits coming from specific pots. That way I can have a ‘car’ pot and then have insurance, petrol, road tax, MOT come out of there.