Goals Screen


I have 6 goals but can it see 4 on screen at any one time. Whenever I Google it, the pictures show goals as little squares with 6 visible on screen. Is this an iPhone only layout or was this a design choice that never made release. I’d love for the goals to be able to shrink down, or auto resize to fully fit on one screen…! Can we have goals shown like the screen below?


The square tiles look is on the iPhone yes - having used Starling on both platforms I much prefer the iPhone goals screen I have to say


On an iPhone 8, I can get it to appear to have 6 goals on the screen by ever so slightly cutting the top of the top 2 goals.


I guess the iPhone team and Android team don’t communicate…


Hi @John_Piggford - you’re right we do have design differences between are iOS and Android apps, usually so the design delivers the right user experience for the platform. Of course open to feedback… what does everyone else think?


I use Android and I’ve wondered about the layout of the goals screen, but as I only have 3 I just assumed it would change if I added more.

I prefer the one from iOS, so that one gets my vote :+1:


Hi @sarah.guha I think the iPhone version is definitely designed better when more than 4 goals have been setup.


Toggle. List view, stacked view. User decides. Long press to reorder.


I like it @Cragmireuk - a good solution :+1:t2:


On the tile view on iOS I’d prefer if the tile also showed the target amount.


I actually quite like the Android view. I have the name, currently saved amount, and a progress bar. It’s pretty much all the information I need

I’d like to be able to change the order, but in terms of layout it works quite well for me.


An easter egg for you @AndyM - swipe on each of the tiles and you’ll reveal the target which displays in green, swipe again and it will return to the amount saved :smile:


Perfect! Thank you so much. I wonder what other gems I’m missing.


Hmm, not on Android… :thinking: