Goals Scheduled Payments Bug


Just noticed this little bug when trying to change the date on recurring payment for a goal, but also applies to setting up a new one (as I tried deleting and re-adding).

If I want to configure, say, £500 to go into a Goal on a date in the future (or change the date of an existing future or recurring transfer). If you don’t have that amount available at the time you are trying to add (or change) the recurring transfer, the app won’t let you set it up even though it’s in the future and you may well have the money!

My example is that I’m setting up a payment the day after pay day to transfer into a Goal but because it’s currently the day before pay day (and I’m therefore skint) I don’t have the money that I’m going to transfer into my Goal right now, but tomorrow I will. So I have to wait until tomorrow to be able to set up a payment that I want to happen tomorrow!

Hope this makes sense! This is on Android.

EDIT: The same logic isn’t applied if I try and do this from my Starling account to another account, just with Goals.

Scheduled payments bug (Android)

Thanks for this one. I will raise this as a bug.


I raised this with Customer Service on 30th of October already…


This fix has been applied on iOS but is still oustanding on Android while we merge some larger changes. Android will come soon.