Goals, Bills & Unauthorised Overdrafts


Heya all,

I have done a search and couldn’t find anything under this on ‘goals’ so if it is lurking in the forum somewhere I aplogise!

Not that this has happened to me, just been thinking and was wondering what the outcome would be?

So example; say I had 0 balance in my starling account but had £150 in my goals, but a bill or payment came out for £50 would this be deducted from the goal and moved to my normal balance? Or would I be charged for unauthorised overdraft? Hope I’ve made this clear :wink:

If one was to have a few goal pots with money in them, which goal would you take the money from? The highest balance or most equal to the amount that was needed to bring balance back to positive (that’s if you do deduct from goals)
Look forward to the response :nerd_face:


You would go into Unauthorised Overdraft/the transaction would be declined.


Not sure if you answer can be found in any of the other Goals threads



Cheers chalky! :+1:


I did check and ran a search on goals but couldn’t see it as explained :nerd_face:


No worries, that’s tried and tested because I forgot to take some money out of a Goal this morning and had to retry some card payments!

Roll on paying directly from Goals!


Aw that’s great! Not that I’ve had to use it yet but it useful to know, as don’t really want my savings paying essential bills :wink: glad to know your theory is backed up by personal experience - great stuff!


When you go to create a Goal there is a ? in top right of screen. Click on it and there is 4 screens of info. Look at screen 3 of 4 for explanation.