Goal “Rules”


I couldn’t find any suggestion similar but let me know if this has been covered before.

I would love, LOVE a feature where you can set up rules for your transactions.
Primarily I would set up a corporation tax rule for my business account, which moves 20% of the incoming payment to a goal of my choosing. You could choose the percentage yourself in order to automatically save money too.

Another example may be for every outgoing transaction, round it up to the nearest £ and put it in a savings goal - much like the Coin Jar feature in Monzo.

Rules could be a really powerful way to section off money and keep you organised- I have real trouble keeping enough aside for my tax so this would help me greatly.


A round-up feature has definitely been suggested before - it’s probably one of the most requested features! That said, I haven’t seen your other suggestion anywhere else and I really like the “Rules” idea. Very powerful and would accomplish round-ups and so much more.

Great suggestion! :grinning: