Goal rules


With monzo just releasing their coin jar and plans to release others in the near future, including rules, is this something starling are looking at too? What are the timescales?

I was thinking the rules could be like IFTTT.

If I spend X then round it up and move to this pot.

If I have X left before payday then move it to the other pot.

If my balance drops below X move X from this pot.

If I spend £0 move X to this pot.

I’m sure all of this is already being considered but it would be nice to know if anything is coming soon. If rules aren’t being considered, maybe we can suggest some custom goals?

Edit: I found this company in the US.



This is exactly what Goals needs, with the addition of allocation a Goal for DD this would be excellent. Would love the ability to automate payments to other accounts (investments, pension etc.) if a certain balance was outstanding at a particular point in the month.


I’ve been asking for features like this since goals was first announced… hopefully it’s on their radar because it is a feature that would be easy win in my eyes. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Second this. Coin jar is a great feature and an easy way to save the pennies!


I love the idea of this! I currently use Squirrel to keep hold of my money until I need it for bills but if I could pay certain DDs from goals this would stop the need. Also any way to help me save would be amazing!


These ideas are great. Would love to see them implemented soon!


Monzo just launched this today.


I’d like to be able to change the days of saving to Mon-Fri as well

Options are:
One Off

I suppose I could set up 5 seperate rules for each day I want to save, but hey, Mon-Fri option would be great :wink:


I just found a company called simple, the way they do goals is interesting. You can set a target amount and target date and it will automatically take a small amount each day split equally over the set duration. They also have a safe to spend which takes into consideration scheduled payments etc.





I agree, Goals has so much potential and I’m my opinion is better than pots. However this new coin jar feature really makes me want to switch to monzo. Please starling we need this.


Don’t close your account, I’m sure we will get this or something better :grin:


I would seriously seriously reconsider not switching to Monzo

Wait for Starling to address this issue

Even so they are still by far a better bank and have a much better community forrum
to interact with

Of course this only my personnel view



This is a great idea. I’ve set up some automatic transfers to goals based on certain dates, however because pay doesn’t always come in on the same day I sometimes end up doing the transfers manually.

It’d be great to be able to set up a rule like: when payment received from xyz and is greater than 123, then. transfer… blah blah blah.