Give more info on International Payments


Until very recently I have always used TransferWise for international (FX) payments.
I have become very accustomed to the level of information & notifications that TW provides at each step of the process until it is complete. Its very transparent. Having used Starling for a couple of payments (and I presume the underlying transfer mechanism is similar), I have found some useful information missing:

  1. Notification of when funds have deposited into recipient’s account
  2. Status information of payment (e.g. transfer started, transfer in progress, transfer completed)
  3. History - the timestamp of each change in status

I made a USD payment last night - and I noticed a Starling notification this morning “You sent £xxx (USDyyy) to zzzzzz (ref)”. I am guessing this is probably when the recipient received the funds, but its not at all clear.


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