Getting the new card



Apologises if this has already been mentioned somewhere already, but I’ve looked everywhere and still not finding any answers. When are we (existing users) meant to be getting the new card?

I’m not looking for a date or anything but are they sending them out to everyone at the moment, or just new users?
If so will it be weeks, months?
I’m aware that only Starling will only have the answers but any info is always helpful.



What we need is a date. They’re going to new customers not being automatically sent to existing , but as an existing customer if you chat with CS in the app they will put you on the list to get a new one, but no one is quite sure when that will be so @Joe_Merriman is hopefully ‘avin’ a word on our behalf and finding out a bit more about if we’re talking days, weeks, months or years…


Did Martin Lewis write that?


The date you get your new card should be written on your old card :stuck_out_tongue::yum:


I am hearing anecdotal reports that those who lost their old cards are issued with new teal card. I am not sure how believable the story is and have not intention of doing it myself. What for? My card still works, the new one will be issued at some point and anticipation is always the best part of the experience! But I believe that some estimated timescale for reissuing new cards to those who requested them, should be provided.


I have asked in the main thread & we’re just waiting for an answer back…


I would be VERY surprised if they’re planning on reissuing all their existing customers with the new card automatically. Other banks don’t do that every time they redesign their card.

Banks normally only do a complete reissue if they’re changing the actual card type (ie - switching from Visa to Mastercard or vice-versa).

You’re guaranteed to get the new card when the old one expires (mine expires in 2020). If you want one before then, you’ll need to contact CS and go on the waiting list.


I recall reading (here) that the applications on the card’s chip need upgrading to support paying in at a post office. If that’s the case we might all need an upgraded card before we can use the upcoming service at a post office.


That was my thoughts when I read that