Getting started in the Starling Community ⭐️


So, you’ve just joined the Starling Community… Welcome aboard! :ship:

Here are some top tips for getting started.

Keep it classy :sparkles:

Before you make a post, don’t forget to follow our community guidelines. Having a safe, relaxed community is our top priority!

Search first :mag_right:

Have a question? It may have already been answered! Always use the search tool to check before posting! If you do create a new topic, make sure it’s in the right category and named well so that other’s can find it too.

Come say hello :wave:t2:

We love that you’re here, but now let’s get to know you. Come say hi over in the Welcome thread.

Have a natter with us :coffee:

Love a chat? Want to talk tech, discuss the latest news or something else? The conversation is flowing over in the News & Chit Chat area. Come join in!

Starling sneak peeks :eyes:

Want the latest updates and sneak peeks? We’ve got you covered! Come and see what’s happening over in Upcoming Features.

Take us on holiday :beach_umbrella:

We love seeing the world, so if you’re looking for advice about using Starling in a certain country or you’ve got some tips yourself, let us know in the Travel section.

Bugs & help :bug:

These things happen! If you’ve found an issue it may already be reported, but if not then please let us know in Bugs & Help. Make sure not to post any personal details on here, especially if you’re using screenshots. If you’ve got a question with personal details, it’s probably best to reach out to our customer service team - they’re happy to help - or check our FAQs.

Give us feedback :speaking_head:

Had an epiphany, got an idea for a new feature or just want to share your experiences? Let us know in Ideas & Feedback. We read all feedback and use it to build our app. We do our best to respond to everyone!

Talk dev-y to me :woman_technologist:t4:

We have a growing developer community, join us over on the Starling Developers page.

Stay connected :purple_heart:

Come see what else we’re up to. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn - come find us!

If you’re looking for more great tips about using the different features of the forum, check out this advice thread.

All the best,
James :robot:

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