Getting ready to switch


I hope this is the right place!
I’m a natwest customer and have been with starling for a while as a backup account.

I know CASS has assurances and guarantee’s but i’m wondering if there’s any advice/tips to make the process a bit smoother.

Pre-loading the starling account with a float amount of money.
choosing a date after the last direct debit leaves my account e.g. after 20th of the month.

Is there anything else?

Maybe i’m just being unnecessarily cautious as when i opened a joint account with Nationwide they did an account switch (which i didn’t authorise) things went badly and it was an horrific ordeal and had to reverse everything back, but that drama happened a few years a go and not something i wish to go through again!


As you suggested, I would probably initiate the switch after your last monthly Direct Debit has left your account, just to be on the safe side. Apart from that, just go for it! :slight_smile:


My switch was fine; nothing really needs to be done.

I guess you could start adding some of your payees?


I initiated my switch process several weeks ago and it completed without a hitch. I am however waiting for confirmation on the successful transfer of my Direct Debits. For all of my Direct Debits, it says the following.

Your payment to (company name) is still pending confirmation. To avoid missing a payment, we’d recommend contacting (company name) to check they definitely have your new account details. Need help? Contact our customer service team in app.

Due to this lack of confirmation I decided to leave enough money in my old account to cover any impending payments and transferred the rest straight into my Starling account.

Besides this one issue, the switch over happened seamlessly.


thank you all!

I suppose the other gotcha is (as i’ve read) anything that comes out using a debit card which needs to be moved “manually”.


that sounds like a good idea. I guess if you switched you ended up pushing an amount of money back into your old account?


@SirDanOKeefe - let me know if I’m mistaken, but it sounds like you’ve done a partial switch.
@MrSiJo - partial switches don’t come with any guarantee whatsoever - only full switches do.


I had to transfer a small amount back into my old account so as to cover a Direct Debit that crept up before the process had completed. Besides that, I moved everything into my Starling Account and intend never to use my old account again. :grinning:


No, I did a full switch. The partial switch option was there, though I opted for the full switch as my intention was to get rid of my old account entirely. Everything got moved over including all my payees attached to my old account, though my Direct Debits have not been confirmed.


The direct debits stay unconfirmed until they are next taken. Mine were all like that when I switched. A couple were actually confirmed before, but most were left unconfirmed until the day before they were next due.


Legend! I had been a wee bit worried about this as everything else had been seamless. Glad to know that everything is likely to be in order. I did however call several of the merchants and they were unable to confirm my new account details with me. I was able to update them over the phone, though hopefully it’ll all be sorted come the next payment. Cheers!


I’ve just switched, and got concerned when I saw a few DD’s unconfirmed. But I believe CASS has changed how DD’s are dealt with, and rather than send out notices to the various companies beforehand, they wait for a DD to be requested, redirect the payment, and then inform the company of your new details. So it is a little confusing. I’m not sure if Starling could alter the message if you’ve performed a full switch to reflect this new behaviour, as I guess most people’s DD’s will now go into an unconfirmed state, and the info message suggests you call the companies yourself to confirm your details?


I completed a partial switch and it went smoothly.


I second this. The message, along with the red colour indicate an error of some kind.


I admit i was in the process of doing this last night but then was thrown by the time “completion date” it’s obvious what that means but i was expecting a start date!
anyway i will go through doing this tonight!


I think the start date is pretty much 24 hours after you initiate the full switch. At least that’s what I was told by CS when I tried to cancel it the next day (I was wanting to tweak the date slightly), and was told I couldn’t, as I’d just gone over the 24 hour limit. So something to be aware of, especially if you’re indecisive like me! :wink:

It is a bit confusing though, as the CASS FAQ says:

You can cancel your switch up to seven working days before your switch date. After that only certain elements can be cancelled. Your new bank or building society will guide you through this process if you decide to cancel your switch.


There is no start date as such. You can already use the account from the moment it opens.

From experience of recently switching to Starling: I initiated a switch and 7 days later that switch was completed; my direct debits and payees were shown (a few days before the switch day). On the switch day, my entire balance was moved from my old TSB account to Starling; at about 9am. Shortly after this my TSB account was closed.

You can use the account before the switch day in any way you like.*

Edit: * as long as you don’t break the law :joy:


by start date i meant the date in which the account switch starts which takes approx 7 days!


Annoyingly, I have just been told by Specsavers that they have cancelled my Direct Debit as my account details (provided during the switch) are invalid. What’s even more annoying is that they tell me this via email, just before the store closes, meaning that I cannot rectify the issue until tomorrow when I am at work.

Additionally, after providing my boss with my new account details, she had to call me back and reconfirm the details as the system they are using did not recognise Starling as a bank. They apparently managed to sort it, though I’ll find out tomorrow as it’s pay day!

This is the first real hitch I have had so far.