Getting cosy with Spaces


The ‘Goals’ tab in IOS and the menu item in Android will soon be christened ‘Spaces’. There’s lots to get excited about because it means we are delivering another important piece in our product offering. We’ll be introducing Loans within Spaces and the screen will be split by tabs labelled Goals and Loans accordingly. Any new loans you create with us will work in a similar way to how Goals works. It’s worth adding that we will also be making some updates and improvements to Goals.

We aren’t quite ready yet to roll this out but soon.


Looking good. I like the name “Spaces”.


What is the relevance with “Spaces”? I’m not sure what the name implies?


Like name spaces.


I’m guessing it’s designed to be a generic term for the different areas of your account. They’re the space for where your Goals are, the Loans and presumably anything else will fit into this ‘space’?


Thanks for another preview Starling. Looking good. :grinning:


I like the concept, I don’t think I’ll use it personally but for some it might be useful. I’m not sure I would want it mixed in with my personal finances though. I would rather have it as a separate side menu or with overdrafts.


Not sure I get the name Spaces in relation to loans and goals, but I’m sure it will come in handy to some.


I’m inclined to agree with you here @Cragmireuk on the menu part. Perhaps an option would be better, along the lines of “Finance” (but a nicer term, if there’s such thing?). Group together overdraft, loans, and if they decide to offer them in the future, credit cards. I don’t see a relation between goals and loans myself, but maybe I’m missing the point?

But on a whole, @Steven - thanks for the sneak peek!


I am guessing the reason for this location is the phrase “Any new loans you create with us will work in a similar way to how Goals works”. But we don’t have more information on that. Might be the way the UI looks or something. Could be wrong.


Does that mean other savings products will be available through Goals? :thinking:


Happy for them to use the same UI, just not sure if I’d want it there. If it was optional (ie. When I take a loan it shows and if I don’t, it doesn’t show I’d be comfortable with that. I wouldn’t want an empty tab.


Yeah exactly. We haven’t really been able to top this name yet but we are always open to suggestions. I like the ‘catch all’ quality of the word Spaces. It simply implies an area, a space within which it holds a collection of your loans and goals.


Would anyone that first gets Starling automatically look as Spaces and think, oh that is where I put goals, or get a loan ? Not really sure anyone would look at it that way.


There are two empty states and two separate benefits flows that appear when the user lands on either. These should describe the feature and benefits to the user. We are constantly fine tuning this and will make changes if the data and the community indicate there is an issue.


I totally appreciate the feedback. We’ll have more of a rational when we launch Loans in Spaces.


I for one look forward to see more services and innovation from Starling! It’s why I enjoy Fintech so much.


Is there a reason why the Goals on Android are displayed in one column as opposed to two like on iOS? iOS looks so much better with two columns.

A Mock-up


Love this! The design quality at Starling is in another league, i really love that in terms of visuals everything is punching way above its weight. Banks a thousand times the value and with likely a thousand times the workforce can’t get anywhere near this so often. So many of the bank apps are so ugly, which if they were head and shoulders above in terms of features would be something at least, but they’re not.


I couldn’t agree more - “Spaces” is an odd choice as it doesn’t really mean anything. You can look at any other main menu option and be fairly certain what screen each is going to lead to.

I really hope this isn’t set in stone.