Get rid of overdraft notification


My account is telling me about availability of an overdraft. How do I get rid of that without actually taking out an overdraft?


I have had this issue too. It didn’t used to always be there but after an update (can’t remember which one) it appeared and since hasn’t disappeared. Mentioned it to @StarlingSupport on a different thread but then nothing really came of it…


Is it iOS or Android?


I’m on iOS, @Kris.


The message should dissappear after 5 days. If it doesn’t we might have introduced a bug.


Unfortunately I’ve had it for weeks. It’s still there. Can’t remember exactly which release brought it about but I definitely remember posting on here about it.


I’m on iOS. Can’t say for certain if it’s been there longer than 5 days yet, but it appeared after an app update.

(I had previously already been offered and turned off the overdraft, so it’s a bug that I was offered it again.)


Well, it’s definiely been longer than 5 days now. Why is there no way to decline it?


I have the same message on IOS and have had since I joined-way over 5 days