General Feedback: First impressions


Great to hear you’re enjoying your Starling account so far. Welcome to the community @Sgathach :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community and to Starling @Sgathach. Great to hear your feedback! Where are you heading in East Asia?


I will be going to South Korea :smile:


Yep welcome @Sgathach

Apparently there’s an unwritten law that you should post a holiday photo here during (or upon your return). And any Starling related experiences (card-wise) will be welcome too. :grinning:


@Graham I will try to take a photo when I use the card in South Korea and also update about the cash withdrawal situation - if I find any ATMs without fees.

Another query - do we not get in-app notification of anything that changed, like a small pop up or so? I thought my app was broken when I couldn’t find goals this morning until I started hitting random buttons (I wasn’t very awake) :smiley:


Depends on the changes you’re thinking of. Your example, Goals, haven’t changed place - they’ve been accessible from the home page for a while.

Any changes to the app, following a new release, for example, will be explained within this forum and the brief details of the changes will of course, accompany the update itself in the app store.

Service changes, outages or maintenance work will be announced through in-app messaging.

That help?
(The half-asleep thing might explain the seemingly random button pressing :flushed:)


@Graham yes banking half asleep isnt the best idea (I just like looking at my goals…)but I now found the threat about Spaces and realised spaces is still in the same place as goals was and it is ok now.
I guess I just need to get used to searching this forum first if I suspect anything has changed or if things suddenly got renamed.


Absolutely - there’s a veritable feast (like that?) of information and chat here. Enjoy it - and if in doubt - ask. :slightly_smiling_face:


Goals have moved in the Android app to Spaces…


Oops - I’m iOS. Apologies


Hi all,

I’ve been a Starling for a while now, but I’ve just returned from a few days exploring Belgium and the Netherlands. Starling never missed a beat all week, and was my trusty traveling companion.

As is usually done, here’s a photo I took in the village of Valkenburg, while walking back towards the station from the Velvet Caves (well worth an explore, even though the tours are in Dutch!)


Good to hear Starling worked great for your travels! Awesome pic!


Nice photo. Where did you travel in Belgium?


Mainly getting lost and missing the Eurostar this afternoon around Brussels


That is a stunning pic! Looks like you had great weather too!