General Feedback: First impressions


It occurred to me also that a unique feature of Starling has to be this forum. To have a platform where the customer can suggest and influence development must, I would have thought, be unusual in the banking world. R-


It’s unique to the modern “challenger/neobank” banks, such as Monzo, Starling, Revolut etc.

Out of interest, I see you signed up due to the oversees fees side of things - Was this found through Money Saving Expert?


I tried to message starlingsupport but it said I wasn’t allowed to message that user. I also can’t see how I start a new topic. Here’s the message I wanted to send…

I’ve recently moved to a new phone and phone number (don’t have access to my old phone/number). I’m trying to access my account but the only way seems to be through my old mobile number.

It’s even created a new account, which has now been closed. I just want to be able to access my existing account. Any advice?



If you go online at and use the web chat, they will disable it on your old phone and you can the recover on your new phone.


Yes @nickhoward it was. I find MS to be an invaluable resource. R-


Hi Lee,

I have just sent you an email regarding logging back into your account.

Let me know as soon as you are free and I will give you a call :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to Starling though I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and I love it. I was advised initially to join Monzo, though after doing my own research, Starling came out on top. It’s now my main bank account.

Feedback wise, there are a couple things I have noticed which could be modified somewhat.

#The donut graph on the home page doesn’t group payments to the same company/person. I often have TFL for example listed several times which defeats the point of a chart like that.

#Within the Goals section, it is currently not possible to remove a picture for a goal. Pictures can be changed, though after deciding to go slightly more minimal, I realised that pictures cannot be removed from a goal.

#Separate tabs within the Goals section would be nice so as to distinguish between ongoing/completed goals.

#It would be amazing if all of my recurring/commited payments such as Direct Debits and Netflix for example, could be linked to Goals so that I can segregate my “spending money” from my “bills money”.

#Clicking on your own Avatar/Display Picture, should take you to the Account Management screen perhaps?

#Finally, cash deposits. I’ve done a lot of reading and understand that there is a system in place with NatWest, though this seems counterintuitive. I also read that it may soon be possible to deposit cash via the Post Office which would be incredible. If the goal is to be completely standalone, an easy, accessible and instant cash to account method must be established.

Besides that, I would just like to say thank you to everyone involved in the bank, the app, and indeed the community. I reckon there’s something pretty great going on here.

All the best,


All good feedback @SirDanOKeefe, and welcome to Starling!

The grouping of merchants on the Pulse is something I’ve brought up before and I believe it has been logged. @StarlingSupport any update on this one?


Will get an update from product this week and see what they’re thinking :+1:t3:


Hey! Currently on a trip and I noticed when buying something from on board a train or flight you can’t set an appropriate name because it’s a “floating” merchant in the sense that they have no persistent location. Maybe down the road users could mark a transaction as such?


Did you mean location?


Sorry, on mobile this textbox behaved very strangely (it seems to have fixed itself now, but the touch input appeared to be offset by the high of the text toolbar which meant when I touched reply the selected word was replaced with a suggestion)

Yes, I meant location :slight_smile: