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Hey all! I’m a newbie here having been a customer for less than a month. I’m using an android device and have been delighted by the ease of onboarding and the responsiveness of customer service to any queries. My in app current account switch from Barclays was seamless and I’m now using Starling as my main bank account. There are lots of features that I’ve seen mentioned in the forum that would be ideal, the most important for me being receipt imaging, goal ‘sweeps’, and virtual assistant integration.

I’ve used Mondo in the past (I got in before the name change) and have just ceased doing business with Tide, so I know that competitors are balancing growth, service and feature set differently. From my experience so far Starling might have to put up with me for a long time! :grinning:

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A great account of your experience - welcome aboard Sean.:+1:


Hey @Sean_Dissington - thanks for sharing your first impressions. Love that you’re enjoying Starling. I too am looking forward to virtual assistant integration. Excited to hear more of your thoughts on the community - keep it coming. :smiley:


Hey, I really want to be able to use my Amazon Echo with Starling, so fingers crossed we will see this soon. Welcome btw.


Cheers guys - yeah I really like the idea of being able to check my balance, or have Google/Siri/Whoever set up a payment for me to review and authorise on the app, this would give me the comfort that I know where my money is going with the convenience of saying “Alexa, tell Starling to send Jim Smith £50”. I’m sure there are near limitless technical hurdles to make that work, but that’s what lovely developers are for!


In further news I can confirm (thanks to a destroyed Android phone :frowning: - oops) that switching to iPhone and setting access up to my account took literally seconds. Another fintech startup has actaully posted me auth codes on a device change before, so I was relieved at how frictionless getting back into my account was.


Glad to hear you were happy with the process - we like to keep things simple! :slight_smile:


Hey James,

I am unable to post in this forum but please would you mind looking at some feedback I have left within the Starling “Welcome” forum: Welcome to the community




Ah, the card came today. So, first use was to buy all my friends a drink in the pub! Very happy and we all celebrated to future of banking. Putting in for overtime tomorrow


Good work, Hans.

Standard practice is for new card holders to submit a photo of their first interesting purchase.
(Not really :wink: but feel free to anyway :grinning:).


That sounds like I good custom. I will tell all my friends each time they get a new bankcard they must buy me a pint :wink:


We met up at The Hero’s = a good name !!


Not sure how you made that leap but I Concur :grinning::beer:


Hello !

We like your product so we wrote an article about you in french on our website (French People in London) :

Let us know if you have French speaker who could improve it / tweak it or other we could turn the article in a wiki for you guys to be able to participate.

Kind regards




Avez vous lu notre article sur votre banque en ligne ? Pensez vous qu’il y a des choses à ajouter/modifier ?


Not sure if you are just looking at Starling or all of the fintechs? If you are looking at other companies, Monese have French in their app’s language settings plus French language customer service staff. I think a few people on Monzo Customer Operations speak French too, but Monese seems the main one geared up for it.

At the moment Starling have plans to roll out to Ireland after the UK. While no plans have been announced yet regarding France, I am sure further expansion in Europe would be a possibility in due course.


Doesn’t appear to be any commenting re Customer Service Desk. So here’s my experience. Am fully satisfied with the iOS app given it is in beta I think it looks businesslike and un-gimicky and most important it just works. I don’t use Starling much yet. To be candid I have Monzo and for me it’s early promise has imploded. I have been told by retailers it was OK then it wouldn’t work (yes there were funds available). But the Starling help desk (over the phone) is great. Personal contact and straight forward help. - I transferred a full iOS backup of my ('till yesterday iPhone to iCloud) I then restored it to a brand new iPhone 8+. Everything worked on the new phone except for Starling. I think I messed up by incorrectly inputting the account password (I have it saved in 1Password). Chat didn’t solve the problem but they sent me an email to ask me to call the help desk. Next morning a couple of minutes sorted me out. I uninstalled the app, restarted the phone input a temp password and hey presto! Finally, I am sitting on the fence about using any challenger bank exclusively. I am waiting to see what N26 comes up with, though frankly I have issues with German/Euro banking. My mother and uncle were Germanophile s but I think the weakness of Europe is the stranglehold imposed by Germany and France. UK reporting of the single market is heavilly slanted in favour of the argument that Japanese and American global companies will leave and no longer inwardly invest. They don’t mention that Europe is heavily protected from competition by tariff barriers. They refer to our trading with the Euro in percentage terms but 60% of not very much £, though every little helps, ignores the fact that GB earns far more from trading with sources external to Europe despite the tariff barriers. We are no longer a manufacture we sell our experience based knowledge enterprise. In some fields we are World Class but we do not sell ourselves nor cooperate very well with others. We are also so liberal as a society we allow cuckoos in the nest, those who while’s involved in GB businesses are quietly promoting American, German or other national interests over that of the UK. Funnily enough N26 do not recognize Great Britain, UK and begrudgingly accept Britain.


There is no place for discussion of political systems or parties in this community. Please refrain in future and keep posts focused on banking and finance matters. Thank you.


Wife now signing up