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Hey all, so I’m a fully pledged Starling Bank customer now old account closed (used the current account switch service) all direct debits have been transferred, and my employer has all my new details ready for septembers pay - great :moneybag:

Just wanted to ask has anyone had any issues with some of the following:

  • Recieivng wages
  • direct debits failing
  • bounced payments

Or has everything worked like a “normal” bank

Look forward to your replies, Scott :smirk:


Hi Scott

Welcome aboard

And my answers in order are:

and NO :grinning:

A great switching experience.


No issues for me.


Hi -

I updated my bank details on my employer’s online portal and they were rejected. Payroll emailed me, confirmed the details and then got on to what they called the ‘finance team’ and updated the sort code database. Then the details were accepted. My first wage into my Starling account is the 15th of September!
My August pay also went into Starling, but that was auto-forwarded from my old account (part of the switch service).

I had my first problem today with Three (the mobile phone company), I noticed my bill hadn’t been taken so I called them and they claim that Starling rejected the payment. Starling are investigating.

No bounced payments (unless you count the direct debit thing)

I wouldn’t worry too much, but I would keep an eye on your direct debits to make sure the first payment on each one goes out correctly.


No issues for me either. :slight_smile:


No issues for me either, wages go in, missus spends my money in their, direct debits come out


Mine all fine switched with dds in and salary too and no issues.


Two lots of wages have gone in fine and manual direct debit moving have worked. I’ve got a switch completing tomorrow, the direct debits have appeared but I’ll have to wait to see if they work (I’ve seen there’s an issue with Three).

The only wobbly I’ve had is the debit card issues they’ve had but it’s been fine for the last few weeks so hopefully they’ve solved the underlying issue.


Great news! Sounds like everyone’s accounts are working as they should be !
I will update on 21st (payday) to see if everything working, I’m pretty sure it
Will - good to see that starling is going strong I’m happy to be a customer, and so glad I ditched my old legacy bank :hugs:


My dd for three was returned by starling after using the switch service as instruction cancelled.

Apparently this is a known issue and starling have advised that this is because three are using a different dd reference to the one supplied at the dd set up stage. They have advised me that this has been escalated to the current account switching service.

I have sent an email to three to clarify and also got a further query with starling to ensure it doesn’t happen again next month as I asked three to set up a new dd.


@Grant_Graham thanks for giving as an update in the three situation and their response to you on how it is progressing.


Three are just awful. I doubt it’s starlings fault.