Garmin Pay


I realise the various new payment systems are difficult for Starling to keep up with as the Samsung pay blog shows but they are appearing because of new wearables being marketed.

New Garmin pay devices are now being promoted this season and this feature is likely to be rolled out to the whole very popular Garmin range in due course.

There are no supporters of the technology in the UK yet - Starling would get a lot of free publicity for being the first !


Who knows, plans may very well be in the works? Fitbit Pay was teased and then announced within the rough timeframe of two days.


As soon as it is up and running then those of us who are Garmin users can tell Garmin.

Garmin are currently pushing this feature in the UK and yet it is not actually available so I am sure they will need little encouragement to promote any UK provider on their website.

My guess is the people using the relevant devices are early adopters and would take little encouragement to use Starling - they will be looking for this availability on December 25


As a user of a Garmin device with Garmin Pay capability, I’m constantly monitoring which UK bank will be the first to use it and you can bet I’ll be registering for a card soon after if I don’t have one already!


The first Garmin Pay bank is now available in the UK (Danske Bank Mastercard). Any updates on when/if Starling will be joining?


…and Starling Pay too hopefully!


It would be great if you add garmin pay, as you already do fitbit pay, why not do them all and get everyone on board


I think they should do Samsung Pay and Garmin Pay :slight_smile:


I also think they should do Samsung Pay and Garmin Pay

+1 for Samsung Pay


Garmin Pay is now live if you absolutely cannot go for a run without buying stuff.


Just enabled on my Garmin 645 Music :slight_smile: next to test at Starbucks


Thanks - didnt take that long.
Just enabled this on my Garmin VA3 which was easy to do. Card activated by Starling in about 5 mins.
Ive put a note on the Garmin blog to say Starling is active…


Give Starling credit. Even though I am testing both Monzo and Starling I really like the fact that Starling are expanding ways to pays. Starling is a lot more further ahead here. For some reason Monzo struggles to add just Apple Pay.


I am waiting to see which bring out Samsung Pay first as I have a few friends who are waiting for this before they will swap banks.


I am guessing you mean Samsung Pay. :grinning:. But at this rate it be how many payment options can Starling add before Monzo does Apple Pay.


Samsung Pay on Starling was announced about an hour ago on Starling :slight_smile:

So Garmin Pay and Samsung Pay on the same day :slight_smile:


Yes, I do :wink: that’s what only a couple of hours sleep does to you (someone’s car or house alarm ringing all night)


Well, that gave me a chuckle. :joy:

Am happy to see both supported; as British banks go Starling surely must now be the bank supporting the most payment methods?


And I’ve just used Garmin Pay at the corner shop this lunchtime where they thought I was a time traveller from the future. So can 100% confirm that Garmin Pay works with Starling today.


Used mine in Starbucks at lunchtime,… will have to use it at the cafe in the gym when i go for a swim… that’ll confuse them