Gambling site and my Starling card says No


Hey all,

So I tried accessing and depositing funds on a gambling website (no I’m no serious gambler just a TV advert caught me
Off guard :wink:) well anyway… my card declined had to use my old legacy bank to pay is this something anyone experienced? Or aren’t we allowed to use our cards for
These said services?



Its likely the site required 3dSecure from MasterCard to authorise transactions, which Starling does not yet support.

Which website was the issue with? Maybe raise it with CS.


What site? I’ve had issues (which I reported) with Sky Bet. I opened a Coral account instead because of the issues, which works.


Was sky bet, yep I’ll raise with customer services :laughing: cheers guys


I’ve used Bet365 a couple of times with no troubles either. Sounds like a problem with Sky Bet. More likely their card ranges need updating, as surely not every bank can be signed up to 3Dsecure? They can’t block everyone who doesn’t sign up to it, can they?

I thought the 3D secure was always an optional thing on the customers side to make it more secure anyway?


I made a payment online recently and the website crashed at the 3D Secure screen. The next day the payment completed fine.