Gambling block - problem


i dont think anything will happen about this - but your block feature doesnt really work very well.

ive had a new card -and unfortunately it doesn’t keep the settings from the previous card…

ive had a relapse…, obviously i cant hold starling responsible - but i guess it wouldnt have happened if i didnt, as to curb my urge, i dont have the app on the phone i take to work (therefore the block should have been on)


Textbook case of why there should be more friction.


I’m surprised this doesn’t happen. It should be a “user setting” not a card specific setting.

Would the block work for you in it’s current mould? Wouldn’t you have just turned it off anyway?


Of which there will be.


@StarlingSupport Can someone please look into this, confirm and if possible make this an account setting that would relay onyo any new card ordered or replaced.

As @nickhoward states I’d have assumed it was an account setting and a new card shouldn’t affect it?


Yeah, sorry if I wasn’t clear - It was my assumption it was an account setting - I actually have no idea what it “should” be.


no - because i dont have the app on my “work” phone

yes its my fault entirely, i shouldnt have, however i shouldnt have been able to

but i guess addictions dont work like that do they :frowning:


Starling have said “more friction” is coming.

I would be interested to hear if there were any “technical” reasons why you couldn’t keep the block on the account, even with a card change - That seems like a relatively easy fix?

But what do I know! lol.


thank you thom
pretty bad when you think about it… if customer services would sort it i would be happier.

i never thought at the time that starling should have blocked it - im gutted that they didnt


I’m thinking it may also be worth you raising this within the in app chat Karl. :wink:


This should definitely be an account setting rather than something attached to a particular card. Makes no sense otherwise!


Wow, so sorry for you that the app acted in that way. Hopefully some better design decisions in the future means this doesn’t happen to someone else.

Hang in there, hope your week improves.


This might be relating to the merchant code use by the site/venue… A lot of the newer online venue are based out of Cyprus gambling licences and are not “playing fair” with the card transaction type, and often using multiple merchant names to get around blocks/anti-fraud checks.

Have you previously had transactions blocked for this site via starling, or was it a new sign up to a site?

Uniquin ltd / Inet1 are one of these type of merchants not using correct code formats.

Would highly recommend you sign up to they are proactively distributing a database to all gambling sites online to make sure any new places continue to block existing users who identify as having a problem

Although I’ve noticed that Revolut only apply block settings for online transactions etc to set cards and number, so may well be card settings. :slight_smile:


The issue is @karl_newbold receive a new debit card and the block he’d previously set had been removed.


I thought he meant the setting was still on but had allowed him to gamble, sorry my bad, was just thinking in general about ways the block can be avoided. Apologies.


Maybe not the best idea to share info on how to get around it?


He was sharing info on how to get around the unfair practices of newer gambling sites, who disguise their transactions and avoid the gambling blocks from people like Starling.

So for anyone with a gambling problem, it is extremely valuable reading.


Wasn’t intending for it to be for users to get around, was just meaning to make sure the blocks get evolved ahead of the ways “venues” are getting around it already.

Also put in the gamstop, as thats been a huge success is helping get details blocked from these sites.

Apologises if it read wrong :frowning:


Am sure it wasn’t the intent, but telling a gambling addict which sites don’t comply with the ‘no-gambling’ flag might cause future problems.


Thats not a site, that a payment merchant the sites are using in the background to take the money, So would be more useful to Starling to get it included on there list. :slight_smile: