Galaxy S8 fingerprint support


So, after having read a thread about fingerprint support in the Android app, I have followed all the suggestions and still cannot get the app to request or accept my fingerprint rather than the device passcode as authentication.

This might even progress to a feature request as is there plans to support the iris sensor in the S8 for authentication?


Hi @Bmacrow - thanks for letting us know about this. I think it’s worth raising with our customer service team (available in app). They should be able to solve this for you! :slightly_smiling_face:


On my S8, it doesn’t actually request it. You just put your finger on the fingerprint sensor when the PIN screen comes up.

It’s very confusing at first and really not obvious. The PIN screen itself looks weird, like a system level screen. It should be made to look nicer and to actually say ‘Enter PIN or place finger on fingerprint sensor’


Right ok…admission time…

I factory restored my S8 last month, turns out I never added my fingerprint back into the system as I was using iris recognition. :flushed:

Now I get in with fingerprints.

However, I agree with @Pipefish, a nicer and more informative lock screen would be great.

Oh and iris/Samsung pass support :wink:


The reason that the fingerprint login implementation currently looks like a system level screen is that it is currently a system level screen. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Good to know,

A guess the fragmentation in the Android ecosystem makes stuff like this much harder on Android handsets, for example, adding Samsung Pass support would be wicked, but would only affect a small portion of users.