Further partial or full switch after a partial switch


If you do a partial switch, can you then do a further partial switch or a full switch from the same account in the future?



Hi @danmullen

Yes - you can. After running a partial switch, you will be able to an additional partial switch (if there are more Direct Debits / Standing Orders set up to move across) or run a full switch at anytime!


Excellent, thanks @JamesPratley :slight_smile:


I’ve initiated a partial switch and all of my DDs, SOs and Payees have been pulled through ready for selection. I did get a notification about one of them not being available to transfer (though it has been pulled through) and that’s fine.

I have a bit of an issue in that the amounts and last payment dates haven’t been pulled through, so I have some payees that I can’t distinguish between. For example, I have a mortgage DD and a credit card DD for Halifax. I would want to move the mortgage DD but not the other one. I have no way of telling which is which. Is this normal?


Checking on this for you now Dan. Will reply when I get some more info! :slight_smile:


Actually, it may be best to go through customer services in-app, if that’s ok? @LoganAllan will look out for your message! :sunglasses:


Great, I’ll raise it now @LoganAllan :+1:t2:


Thanks @danmullen - I’ve got the email :ok_hand:t3:


Im doing the same here i have one more direct debt to bring across do I have to wait any time to do it or can you do it as soon as the first partial move has finished


Thanks Logan. I really appreciate the swift response but I still have an issue - I’ve responded in-app.



Looks like I’ve uncovered a bug with the partial switch service - there are no references, last payment dates or last payment amounts displayed, so if you have multiple direct debits or standing orders to the same person/company, there is no way to distinguish between them.

The team are working on it - thanks @LoganAllan for your prompt response to my support request :+1:t2: Hoping for a fix soon so I can get my main outgoings moved over to Starling!


@LoganAllan as you can see, I got impatient and went ahead with manually switching everything over tonight :slight_smile:

Quick question… I did try switching a few standing orders but I wasn’t happy with how they appeared, so I deleted them and manually recreated. Under the “Switch” menu option, it still says a switch is in progress. At what point will that disappear?


I did a partial switch the other day and took 7 days for me. I did mine 1st may and it completed on 8th may. @danmullen


@Gallifreyangirl My problem was that I have multiple Direct Debits that go to the same company. I wanted to move my mortgage over but didn’t need the DD related to an older credit card. (This is just one example, there were a couple of others too.) When you’re presented with the list of available DDs and SOs, it’s meant to show you your last payment date and amount. This would have been enough for me to distinguish between them. As they both had an unknown date and zero amount, there was no way of knowing which was which.

Starling were able to give me references for the DDs but, as they weren’t displayed in the app, it didn’t help.

I did transfer some SOs but I didn’t like how they appeared. They had some descriptions on them at Nationwide that were stripped, so I just deleted these and set them up again.


@danmullen I understand so you will need to wait 7 days for the switch to disasters under the screen. I am glad to see you mentioned the bug as you don’t get lots of details on direct debits. I ended up moving some across and doing some manually to get mine done. I’ve not got standing orders so I can’t comment on those. I did manually set up payees beforehand.


I’ve just got a couple left to do with companies who require a paper mandate :roll_eyes:


I know had one and you think 2018 paper mandates :weary:


Apologies we weren’t able to provide an immediate solution, but I am glad you’re switching to us! :grinning:


No worries @LoganAllan, I’m glad to be switched over!


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