Fun Friday Questions: What kind of biscuit?


I was at a client the other day who was interviewing someone. One of the questions asked was “If you where a buscuit what would you be and why”

I mentioned this another customer who immediately (as if he’d been preparing for this question is whole life) spent the next 10 minutes telling me why he would a Hobnob.

So my question to you all (I hope this is right place on the forum… What kind of biscuit are you and why?

One more thing @JamesPratley any chance of getting a tag for posts called FridayFun please?


I was asked this in the interview for my current job.

I answered honestly; saying a jammy dodger.

I explained that I mostly just find my way and fly by the seat of my pants; I’m a quick learner so I can mostly by trial and error get new tasks and skills down.

I must have done OK as I got the job? :wink:


Mine would be a variety pack, as I am interested in multiple things


Damn, that’s a good answer!


I’d have employed him :smiley:


I’d be a custard cream… everyone loves them, double walled strength for dunking with a sweet creamy middle everyone loves to taste :rofl::see_no_evil:


I don’t like custard creams. :wink:

Prefer a bourbon.


Viennese sandwich

I speak a little german, I’m rough around the edges and often spill chocolate on my clothes :smiley:


I don’t think I could be a biscuit - more a chocolate eclair. R-


Jaffa Cake is where its at best of both worlds, you got chocolate, orange and great with a brew


i was wondering if someone would bring up the Jaffa Cake, we should be careful though as there almost as much debate about whether it’s a cake or biscuit as there is about the new card design :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


it’s whatever of the two is taxed less. :wink: :rofl:


Then it is a cake - goes hard like a cake rather than soft like a biscuit. Cakes are zero rated but biscuits are not (unless they’re coated in chocolate IIRC). If they appear in the biscuit aisle then it says more about the shop, not McVities :smiley:


Rich tea, very dry and awful without a drink


On the basis that the choice of biscuit needs to somehow align with one’s own characteristics…

It would have to be Abbey Crunch

  • because:
    a) you won’t find it on any shelves because
    b) it’s from another era
    c) it was extraordinarily popular back then
    d) it’s now (pretty much) available under another name
    e) it’s fabulous

All the above apply to me (says my therapist).

I thank you :sunglasses:




(Justification required, I understand :flushed:)


You don’t look a 'baldi in your photo though :joy:


I like currants…

And for here - Current Accounts.


I knew there was a raisin (reason)