Fun Friday Questions: James Bond


Cheaper than the shops?


Sorry @thefifthrace, we went off topic. :flushed:


For me it always comes back to Live and Let Die. Its a weird one because there are less gadgets and no criminal hideouts under volcanoes or in space but it’s just so quotable. “Names? Names are for tombstones baby!” “Secret Agent? On whooos side?” “What are you some kinda doomsday machine boy?” Some great characters too. And a little scary for me as a kid with all the voodoo.

And Jane Seymour…my word.


Indeed :grin:


Not a problem, the last one ended up at Ben and Jerry’s vs Hagan Daazs.

I’ll get better at the questions as the weeks go by but it’s really interesting to see where these topics go.


OK, so long as you’re not offended by the lapse in discipline. :unamused:


About 50% off!


Funnily enough, I’ve just been arranging my films on Plex into Collections and have just finished adding all my James Bond films into a Collection and noticed I have a few missing which I need to rectify.

As for a favourite though, I don’t think I can say there’s one I like more than the others.


Sheriff JW Pepper… what a character :grinning:


These are the ones I have in Plex…


I don’t remember the James Bond films well enough to have a favourite. :flushed:


I loved his line in Live and Let Dir “You’re that English secret agent from England”


Definitely James Bond


I’m missing Dr No, Goldfinger and the the Original Casino Royale. This needs fixing ASAP :slight_smile:


i personally like any James Bond film without Daniel Craig in them.

Pierce Brosnan was probably the best of the lot so far.