Fun Friday Questions: James Bond


This week my brother in law has been in town from Texas and we’ve been visiting various museums but the two he’s liked the most have been the James Bond Car exhibit and our visit to Bletchley Park. As a result we’ve been re-watching James Bond Films and it got me thinking.

What is your favourite James Bond film and why?


Can’t answer that one - never watched a James Bond film…


So it’s possible this weeks question is going to tank faster than last weeks :flushed:


I don’t think I particularly like any of them, although the one with Jaws is the one I always tend to remember, but couldn’t tell you what it is called.


Octopussy - because the name makes me snigger like I’m 12 again.


I’m a Bond fan and like them all but I really enjoy watching Casino Royale (Daniel Craig) - great movie!


So I have multiple favourites:
Licence to Kill - awesome soundtrack
Live and let die - life long crush on :heart_eyes: Jane Seymour
You only Twice - favourite overall film


Skyfall for me.

Loved everything about it.


So what’s the chances of Idris Elba as the next Bond?? :gun:



  • Great cast
  • Interesting attempts at Russian accents
  • Best car/tank chase


But the proper one - David Niven :smirk:


Goldfinger is my favourite. Maybe it’s because of the car; but it’s good fun.
My first Bond, which I saw at the cinema, was Diamonds are Forever. At the time I didn’t know that James Bond was a ‘thing’.


@Oliver_Wright the game was amazing on Nintendo 64


I could watch a View to a Kill any day of the week. Christopher Walken, Grace Jones, a Duran Duran theme song and Roger Moore (surely in his 60s) lovingly making a quiche for his date.


Wow what a game, brings back memories!

+plus the fact you input a cheat to make every characters head 3 times the size


Imo 1 of my 3 best ever games and all on the same console, other 2 Mario 64 and last but not least legend of Zelda the ocarino of time… all time classics


Not into James Bond so can’t answer that.


Easily one of the best games on the N64 and the GameCube


Including, of course, Crockett & Jones.
(Other shoes of quality are available).


I don’t live too far away from their factory, and went there to buy my wedding shoes!