Frustration over what is happening with the future of the Starling account

I am now starting to feel a little frustrated with not knowing what is going to happen next in the development of the Starling account

Having moved over my banking and in doing so taken this leap into the unknown with a Fintech Beta Account I would have at least expected a bit more openness and honesty to where this bank is going

The forum has been a useful tool but at times a little frustrating and not necessarily providing any solid evidence to what is happening next

Fitbit Pay has been an absolute classic

Am I the only person feeling this way

Remember the CEO will be reading this tonight !




Yeah I personally don’t see it but I’m quite chilled about msot things.

I’m seeing 4 people meltdown over a 50 mins outage that affect 14% of people. Stopped me buying some chips. Doesn’t make me question my being and choices made.

I think the problem with active members on a beta product is we check for updates too much and basically want a castle built in a day.

I also think it’s odd that you all think you’re being ignored. Example, told about the reference payee thing will be in an app update on Thursday for iOS, yet we get post after post after post asking where it is…

Even with the outage I hear thing like if it was me I would do xyz…companies have contracts, SLA, KPI, meetings, calls, logistics Etc. Its not simply stern warning, change supplier.

That’s just my two cents. Not having a go, like I said I just more relaxed in life.


Ok - sorry to hear that some people feel like that but personally, and playing devils advocate now, maybe the problem is with the forums (which is a VERY optional extra which most other banks don’t offer).

So - people post something on here, ‘everyone’ chips in (everyone being around 100 or so users) and then you expect, because theirs a consensus on the forum, that it’ll be picked up and actioned.

I really don’t get why everyone is upset about Fitbit Pay. Don’t use Fitbit - fine then it’s not for you. I’m got an iPhone - I didn’t get worked up over them launching Android Pay.

It’s their bank and they have a Business Plan and Product launches in development - I don’t expect them to share that with me (some of it will be confidential anyway).

How many people on these forums at the moment upset about the outage yesterday were actually affected by it? I bought my lunch yesterday as usual at 1pm without any issues. If it wasn’t mentioned on here I wouldn’t have known about it.

Just like the rest of social media, these forums are an echo-chamber - the most interested in the product use these which means they pick up on every announcement and issue and nit-pick over it. That doesn’t mean that the majority of customers feel the same way.

Maybe the forums are a mistake and Starling should switch to other ways of gathering feedback though? (General email/in app suggestion box, Twitter, Facebook?)


I’m happy with Starling, yes it has a few problems, but it’s listening and evolving to what we ask.

I have a Fitbit but won’t be using Fitbit pay (I use bpay), but actually for a challenger bank getting in there first can only be a good thing.


Dude why are you here … It’s bit ironic moaning about forums on a forum.


In terms of the outage, for me it’s about the response to it rather than the outage itself. I wasn’t affected, it did show that there are still reliability issues there, but as a Beta bank then I expect that.

What I also expect is that when things go wrong, ownership is taken (Staring choose to partner with GPS) and accountability and transparency are evident. As far as yesterday goes, this hasn’t been the case. In fact, it actually looks like it has been covered up and the Status page shows no evidence that anything was wrong, when user experience (and Curve/Monzo status pages) challenge this.

In terms of the FitBit introduction, I can see why it has been done - it’s a USP that will attract more customers, at the end of the day it’s a clever way of getting marketing space and increasing user-base. But, it is/was a bit underwhelming for current users who would like to see, what they deem as, more important aspects of the service improved (reliability) or introduced (payment references).


Actually - I’m more moaning about the moaners on the forum, not the forum itself.

What’s good about the forums is when suggestions are made and Starling take them up and you then see that launched (for example - the changes they’re talking of making to Savings Goals after suggestions made in the forums).

What’s bad - is when every single thread in the forum is hijacked because someone is annoyed about something so thinks they need to make every post about it. So, everything in the last 24 hours about potential new features or launches has now become a variation of ‘well they can’t even get card processing sorted so why bother with anything else’.


I’m happy with starling, after choosing these some months ago to be my main bank account where all money goes in and out of. Would just be nice for them to be more open about outages and things, surely that’s not a huge ask? I’m sure for the people who stood at the merchant when they said ‘cards declined’ was pretty annoyed and bright red, that’s the worst thing a card being declined. So starling please save us the embrasement and let us know when things aren’t performing as they should :+1:


Reading what you have said I am now in total agreement

Selfishly I want the product to move forwards in my direction namely a much better savings account product with full access the the market space for mortgages and loans etc

I suppose that I was just a little shocked to find that something completely unexpected was happening instead that hadn’t been spoken about

However every bit of progress will make Starling stand out and I’m sure their is plenty more in the pipeline

The frustration is having to wait for the items that I want and need, to actually come to fruition

Clive H


If no one ‘moans’ then there is no point of discussions/forums/communities. Innovations/progress in technology happen because someone ‘moans’ about something they don’t like and then they or someone else decide to do something about that


You missed off the 2nd paragraph I posted - about people feeling like they need to hijack every thread about completely different issues because of something they’re unhappy about.

So yesterday there was an outage, there was a thread in the forums about the outage. There was no need for people to comment in the Fitbit Pay or the Credit Card threads ALSO about the outage.


It’s for moderators to direct people to correct threads if they feel people should use a particular thread for a particular topic.


Ali - the rules of forums like this are pretty consistent. Maintaining some order of things makes the various topics generally that much easier to follow


I know that - replied to a comment above :point_up_2:


and take it personally, but not reply.
I rarely comment, but seem to have today a bit more, because of the lack of clarity.

Fitbit doesn’t bother me. Knowing if my card will work when I want it does.


I think my issue with the fitbit thing was that it was put out there as an exciting announcement, but it’s such a tiny target. It’s like creating a fanfare to announce they’ve updated Mrs Bobbin’s phone so she can log in now, but nothing changed for anyone else. It seemed like such a small thing that will affect such a small number of people…


To be honest they didn’t seem to really go big for it in this community so it probably wasn’t really aimed at us anyway! It’s for the people out there. :point_right: Realistically, as disappointed as we might be, it made the news and created a bit of coverage. I guess that was the point… I think…

Yeah… This… I want features I like NOW. And check every thirty seconds for DD pots! :joy: But I’m staying fairly chilled. :sunglasses:

But I do worry about Starling a bit. I worry that the more people come aboard in here the more chaotic and argumentative it will get in here. Stretching beyond what is constructive. I worry that people will never be happy and it will create more negativity as people get more frustrated, like if they announced that DDs are coming out in a pot tomorrow then someone will be unhappy because they want multiple DD pots. And if they do that someone will want different cards for different pots. And then someone will want one card you can magically change the numbers on to replicate different cards for different pots. And if they do that then it’ll be something else. And then something else. I can’t see it ending. Not to mention all the graphs people want… (Although we all secretly love a good graph so I let that one slide.)

I also worry people want to relinquish too much responsibility in things, via Starling. Asking for more than I think is reasonable. It’s a bank at the end of the day. It may be new and different, and it may listen and try to adapt. But it’s a bank. People push it like saying, “Starling, when I buy my wife flowers I want you to AUTOMATICALLY know I’ve messed up and AUTOMATICALLY set aside money for an uber and a hotel room… Heck, book it for me too! Then divide all our assets.” I know it’s an extreme example, but some things I’ve read here haven’t been far off. It makes me wonder at what point are Starling going to have to say, “D’you know what, let’s just do what we know works, do what we have to and stop with all this ‘trying to do more’ thing.”

Also, and finally, generally people who have found their way here currently are fairly tech-savvy. What happens when people join who aren’t? CS are very highly praised most of the time, but they’re dealing with people who generally know about phones, and technology. What about in the future when they’re potentially dealing with tens or hundreds of thousands of people who have no idea about how anything works… EVER, how will they maintain their efficiency? All the idiot complaints and requests you read about in various articles. “I lent my daughter’s boyfriend my card and he’s spent my money… What are YOU going to do about it?”, or, “I dropped my card in the blender and now I need to buy a blender but I can’t because the bits of my card are in the blender. Can you send me a new card? And a blender cos it was your card that broke it? I won’t take no for an answer and I won’t get off the line until it’s resolved!” Will we inevitably end up with big phone queues and “your call is important” messages? I hope it can grow in sync with the demand.

I’m sure it’ll get there. And there are some major issues that I’m sure are really close to getting fixed anyway, like the reference thing. But it does worry me that one day it’ll just be another normal bank because they realise that trying to please everyone is just too hard…

Like when you decide to be nice and ask your kids what they want for dinner and they argue about it so much you end up ignoring them and cooking what you were going to cook anyway!!!

The end.

Sorry for the essay. Just needed a bit of a release. Had a bad day. You’re all lovely and I’ve enjoyed being in here.

(Ps… Reading the CEO voted that she had a fitbit whilst everyone else was wondering why they’d added fitbit pay made me laugh! :thinking:)

(Pps… I didn’t mean anything by my Ps… Nothing accusing. Just made me laugh. That’s all. :blush:)


I’m frustrated to the point that I just requested my account closed.


To be fair to Starling, they foresaw this common eventuality and prepared for it. Now, no Starling customer need be without a blender.

…also available for Android Pay and FitBit Pay


True… But, for some reason, a ridiculously large number of my friends and family use neither android pay or Apple pay. (Literally no one I know has probably even heard of fitbit pay, but that’s another thing entirely. :joy: :smile:) Like I say, it’s nothing about now, and not an observation based on anyone or anything currently. Just a concern for the future.

I don’t own a blender.