Frustrating Payment Animation Delays


There are a lot of animations happening when a payment is made, when you want to make several payments in succession the delay is really starting to become frustrating.

  1. Tap in the amount and click pay
  2. iOS notification appears - so the payment is complete at this point
  3. Amount moves to the side
  4. Amount moves up to the circle
  5. A rotation animation happens
  6. A tick appears
  7. The amount entry box goes away
  8. The “cancel” button at the top finally changes to a back button and is clickable

That’s about 5 seconds of post payment completion delays per payment.

You could merge a lot of these into a single shorter transition instead of one after another.

If you really want to show 5 seconds of animation, can we perform step 8 at step 2 - cancel is not functional at that point anyway and it would be good to be able to skip the animations if they can’t be streamlined?

Also, the notification appears above where the back button would be if it did appear sooner. Can we turn off notifications for transfers manually initiated in the app, as we know we did it. (Obviously keeping them for automatic / scheduled / card payments )


On Android it would be useful to be able do away with the cancel animation completely if I’ve had to put my password in.


I was just going to create a thread about annoying animations, but luckily spotted this one.

I would like Starling to implement an option to turn off animations altogether.

They just slow me down, unnecessarily, and annoy me. I was making a few payments over the weekend and rather than moving on to the next one I had to sit and watch a pointless animation for the third or fourth time.

It’s not just payments either, but putting money into or taking money out of goals.

It may look fun, but the novelty soon wears off.


I actually like the payment animation, as it’s going round you can double check the payment, and then cancel it if its wrong. If you just clicked pay and you sent the wrong amount its too late, the animation just makes it clear the payment is being processed and can be cancelled.


That’s not the but I’m talking about. That bit is a good idea, although this morning I tapped on it and it didn’t cancel.

The bit I mean is the transitions and balance updates etc.