Frustrating experience adding a new device


I have Android devices, but have just received a new iOS device, so I thought I’d add my Starling account as a backup access method. The experience has been frustrating to say the least:

  • The instructions on the iOS device telling you how to get the QR code are incorrect. I’ve previously logged this same issue with the Android App

  • When accessing the screen on the Android app I have to enter my password to access the “Manage Devices” screen (fingerprint doesn’t work here). I then have to enter it again when clicking “Add Device”

  • No matter how many times I scan the QR code it tells me it’s invalid. I’ve previously logged this same issue with the Android App

  • The screen comes up saying “Invalid QR Code”, “Tap anywhere to continue”. No amount of tapping anywhere allows me to continue

  • I tried entering the QR code manually. Not only does the keyboard displayed show only letters or numbers, resulting me having to manually flick between the two rather than accessing the numbers from the top row of keys, but it also doesn’t automatically enter the dashes between the groups of characters in the code. Again this resulted in me encountering the impassible “click anywhere” screen and having to force close the app

  • Even entering the code manually, with dashes, results in the invalid QR code screen

  • Choosing the “I don’t have my old phone” and entering my number didn’t work. I never received the test message with the code

To say the customer experience is frustrating from start to finish is an understatement. These simple issues should have been sorted a long time ago. I’ve actually given up trying to add my device, as I seem to be unable to get it to add in any fashion.

Code not being received via SMS when downloading Starling App on new device

Hi there, that certainly sounds like a frustrating experience and we would like to look into what may have caused the sequence of events detailed above as well as resolving the issue for you. We’ll arrange for one of our CS team to give you call at the earliest opportunity.


I eventually got the device enrolled. There appeared to be significant delays in receiving the text messages, but I got there in the end.

I gave up on the QR code method as it simply wouldn’t work. This was the same experience that I had on the Android version when I got a new phone in April (which I also reported on here)


That is good to hear. I will look into what may be causing these delays with our developers. We’ll aim to make sure that at the next attempt things go a little smoother.



More important than the text delay is the whole QR process. I’ve tried it twice since April, on both iOS and Android, and it simply didn’t work. On Android I successfully entered the code manually (albeit in April so I haven’t tried recently), but today the iOS version wouldn’t even accept the manual entry.

Even more frustrating was the iOS version asking to tap anywhere, but tapping not doing anything and resulting in me having to force close the app.


Am getting exactly the same stuck ‘invalid QR code’ on iPhone. Highly frustrating experience.


Found it easier to add as new device without access to another device.


I did the first time back in April. On this occasion that didn’t work as the text message with the code wasn’t received. They did eventually turn up the following day. At that point I simply started again, and luckily the messages were delivered quickly enough.

Oliver did above he’d investigate the deejays, but I’ve heard nothing since. It definitely wasn’t my mobile provider as I was receiving text messages, including from other networks, at the time.


I’ve had that too where my texts weren’t coming through then a few days later I had 20 texts from staring and I was able to log on.