Front and Centre on iOS App Store


Congrats to the team on being featured on the homepage of the iOS App Store.

With the relatively recent change to the App Store, every day Apple does a pretty nice promo piece for the featured App (rather than just “download this”).

Top work guys and girls!


Great news - thanks @nickhoward


This made me smile this morning, they’ve been featured a couple of times lately. Superb work.


I just saw this during lunch. Nice!


Thank you!


Yes, thats really good news! Anything to be front and centre!!


Feel free to share the app on social on our behalf :wink: You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of the Today article. Thank you in advance!


Done that maybe a RT Sarah :slight_smile:


No. 18. Moving up nicely!


No. 17.


24 in play store at the minute



Amazing the impact an article can have! We’d welcome continued shares to boost the impact this week, thank you!


There was a report from 2016 which stated that Apps received almost a 100% increase in downloads when featured by Apple.

In South Korea, it was almost 500%!


I am guessing lots of new customers, @sarah.guha? :slight_smile:


It was a big day. We’ll always welcome more though :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed Starling are featured in yet another article on the App Store about spring cleaning your finances!


Great news!


No. 11 :raised_hands:t2: Apple are focusing on banking apps a lot recently.


No. 9 on the App Store.

I think this is the highest ranking for Starling on the App Store yet.

Customer numbers must have increased significantly the last couple of months.

I couldn’t help get a little excited that they’ve overtaken Monzo… for now.