Freelance account trial with Albert (Sole Trader)


Hi! I was excited to be able to participate in Albert and Starling trial for some traders accounts and automated bookkeeping integration. Sadly my excitement died off very quickly.

  1. As current Starling user it wasn’t too obvious how should I proceed with opening new account for my business
  2. it turned out that it won’t be a new account after all but my current personal account will be converted. This is something I am totally not happy with. For clarity, I was always using separate account for my business. I hoped the sole trader account will be the same as limited company account- so separate with an ability to switch within the app.

I totally love Starling and this is the very first glitch I have experienced. I hope this can be fixed soon though as I would love to participate in the trial, but not at a cost of merging my personal and business finances.


Thanks for the feedback @SirGader.

Here is a community post that we published last week when we released Starling for Business. It re-affirms our commitment to launching in the future a separate sole trader account that allows sole traders to keep their personal and business affairs separate much like we offer for Ltd companies today.

Thanks for your patience and hopefully you are happy to keep using Starling in a personal capacity until we have our sole trader support ready.


Hi @jasonwilkinsonbrown
So I have already connected my “personal” account to Albert and saw the Sole Trader option, but it is not very obvious what has happened/will happen.

I am more than happy to keep using Starling for personal finances, however I am unsure how this “upgrade” affected me.


You won’t see any difference in experience unless you use the Albert app as all the data shared as part of the secure connection is displayed there.

As you are going to keep using Starling in a personal capacity I can get the Albert flag removed from your profile if you wish?