Forwarding email bills


So, I’m very pre-occupied with trying to get a working system for budgeting that takes as much manual tweaking out of my hands as possible.

Something that I’ve always thought was an issue that would be amazing if it could be solved is the disconnect between who gets a bill (ie - me) and who pays the bill (ie - the bank account).

As most of my bills are now sent via email anyway - it would be amazing if I could then just forward that email to Starling (something like email and you can then extract how much is due and when and then include that in the ‘scheduled payees’ section of the app?

You could even have an option to remind you a bill is due 24 hours in advance, how much it will be and if you’ve got enough to cover the bill in your account.

Getting way too carried away, and I doubt this would work without going to suppliers and getting an agreement, it would be nice just to tell whoever is sending you a bill to just send it direct to your bank.


Sounds like integration with Onedox might be along the lines of what you’re after. They’ve just announced integration with Monzo, hopefully Starling is to follow soon.