Forum Tips and Tricks


I’ve got to admit, the Community Forums that have been setup are slightly different from what I’ve used in the past.

On the face of it, it appears that a lot of features I was used to were missing - but actually they’re not. It’s just not completely clear how to use them.

So, I thought a short topic on any tips and tricks you might have discovered using them might be handy.

He’s a couple that I’ve ‘found’.

Quoting a previous post
If you click the ‘reply’ button to a post, it’ll reply directly to it - but not actually quote the original post. If you want to include that, instead highlight the text you want quoted and you’ll have a ‘Quote’ option appear. Click that, and it’ll setup the reply - with the previous text already setup to quote.

Tracking a topic
If you create a topic you’ll automatically start to track it so you’ll be emailed/notified when there’s a reply. You can turn this off, or turn it on for any other topic at the bottom of topic. There’s options to ‘Watch’ the thread (so you get told every time there’s an update), ‘Normal’ where you’ll only get told if someone replies to your specific post or they mention you in the post, and ‘Muted’ where you don’t even see the thread listed on the main homepage anymore.

Mentioning people
Talking of mentioning people, you can add people into the post (so they’re told about it) by using the ‘@’ symbol followed by their name i.e. @sarah.guha. When you start typing you’ll get a pop up of people with that name and when it’s posted, they’ll get an email to let them know about it.

Adding a poll
Do you want Statistics to back up an idea? How about adding a poll to your post? To do that, when you’re creating it, click the ‘Settings Cog’ icon on the toolbar and you’ll find the option in there. You can let people either have a straight single choice, or multiple choices or number the options in order or preference

  • Polls are great
  • Polls suck

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Anyone else got any tips for the forum? Or is there something that you want to do on them but can’t work out how?

Getting started in the Starling Community ⭐️
FAQs - an idea 😁


Thanks @Stephen_Clifford. These are some great tips… I’ve just pinned this topic to the top of Community & Events so hopefully new users will see it. :smiley:


Very useful, thank you.


Brilliant post @Stephen_Clifford. Yes. I’ve nailed this tagging malarkey! Thanks


I have no idea how to even post to a forum or create a new topic - none of this is user friendly!


Did you not get taken through things with the Discobot in your message box when you started? I found that really helpful.


Would you like some help with it?


Discobot does not explicitly say that you cannot post a new thread when you have signed up. I still don’t know weather it was my first reply to a topic or waiting 15 mins that gave me the permission to post a new thread. I wonder how many accounts on this forum have zero activity because of this?


Yes, I found this confusing too. I understand the logic but don’t recall the limitation being explained.


It’s very frustrating to have to ‘join in’ to prove my worth before I can post a bug. I’m now just replying to topics randomly so that I can be allowed to do that.

I’m sure most new users come here because they have something to report, not because they just want to join in with the chit chat.

The intention seems to be to stop people posting spam, but is has the opposite effect – I’ve posted variations of ‘I agree’ and ‘good idea’ to various topics to then be granted permission to start a new topic.


As it’s a discourse community, I don’t think Starling can change this


Yes, I agree with this too


There is a separate Slack channel at for techie type discussions, issues with using API, bug reporting, etc. I feel that is a more appropriate channel for things of that more technical nature, as many users will be put off using this community if too many detailed technical posts start appearing.

Less technical users can also report bugs thru the customer service channel in the app.

Although obviously we are not going to stop them from being posted here if users do not wish to use other channels!


The more services you expect customers to sign up for to report bugs, request features or seek help, the more you make it a barrier. If I was expected to submit feedback through a third mechanism (Slack) on top of CS and here I frankly wouldn’t bother. Sure, fine for devs or API stuff, but for everything else a forum with distinct subforums or categories should be sufficient.


We did not say you have to submit thru Slack nor that you have to sign up to any or all of these services! I just said that if you are not posting the odd bug but lots, or if you posting very technical stuff, the other channel may be better as you can interact with other techie types. If you read my post fully you will see after my suggestion I pointed out that there is no issue continuing to submit bugs thru this community.


Relax! Nobody is accusing you of forcing anyone to do anything. Merely pointing out that if (as I said before - if) there was an expectation to have different types of feedback submitted through different channels it might be a disincentive to actually doing so.


I’m also having the problem of having to reply to threads in order to post a new thread… (Hence this reply…) None of the existing threads have anything to do with the questions I have. Never mind! Only two more replies to go!