Forum software is 10 years out of date in email address standards


Ah man, I thought that was me but I don’t think anyone has created an account specially to tell me that. I must have missed that one!

Actually you are, the software is free and Open Source on GitHub so you can absolutely make that happen if you want to crack on and take the time to do that. Starling don’t have any leverage any more than you do.


No one could take your crown :wink:


Damn right! :wink::rofl:


I thought you was never going to reply, was getting worried.


I was trying to find something suitably negative to reply with…


Not possible, don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:


It had better not be. It’s taken years and much practice to get this surly and depressing to all around me.


I haven’t heard of any bank supporting PGP in the UK.


[quote=“jph, post:5, topic:6415, full:true”]

You most certainly can send from this type of addresses. There isn’t any reason at all they can’t be used just like any other email address but as I’ve taken issue with the seemingly confrontational style of your posts I’ll let you research it to find out how.


Emaill ronaldmcgrath2@gmail. Is my current email



Another thread where fellow customers are jumping all over and being quite rude to a customer when he has a complaint which has been directed to Starling staff.

Why do other users feel the need to get involved and make impolite replies? if they don’t like the complaint in the original post why don’t they just ignore the thread and move on and leave @jph to resolve his complaint with Starling staff?


I suppose because this is a community for starling users rather than a support helpdesk?


Oh, and while I’m here… I use ‘’ for my email address with all companies I interact with. The forum login process that forces me to use a social account login is annoying - after all none of those is my ‘starling identity’, if I forget which service I chose to use I would presumably create separate identities and should that social media platform ever go out of business I would lose my identity on every site where I’d used that account to login. Nonetheless, I can live with it - if the worst thing that Starling does is a poorly thought out forum login system then frankly I’ll be a happy man.



I also use as the email address linked to my soecial media account I use to sign into the Starling Community.
@jph was referring to using something like though, which Discourse doesn’t support apparently.


You can add different “from” addresses in gmail if that helps anyone with this issue.