Forum doesn't allow opening of post in new tab


When you’re reading a post and click on a link to another post, it won’t allow you to right-click, instead of the left-click browser menu appearing, it immediately loads the page. This is VERY bad UI design.
So there is NO WAY to open the link in a new tab.

(Edit: You can actually with Ctrl+Click - that works. But the context menu and right click don’t work.)

Big fail, please fix this.

Here’s a screenshot:

The menu disappears right away and the page you clicked loads.


I’m not having this issue with Chrome. I can right-click and open a new tab without any issues on a linked post.

What browser are you using and do you get the same issue on any other Discourse based sites? For example:


@admdly It’s only specific links, if a post is linked within a post, like in my screenshot. Did you try this exact scenario? Can you link one like these on I couldn’t find one on the first glance.


Works fine with a right click on Chrome, Safari and Firefox for me. Odd. Trouble is that you’ve cropped that image so no-one knows what youre using, to try and replicate. Maybe someone with a Microsoft OS/browser could try some things, see if that makes a difference?

Who knows? Certainly not me at this hour. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Okay, go to this link: Pay at Pump Card Decline - 2 This should bring you directly to the post that’s also visible in my screenshot.
Then right-click here in the text marked in red:

I can reproduce this on Chrome on Windows as well as Edge.


Just tried it. No problems with Safari or Chrome on iOS or Mac.


Seems to be working on Chrome using a Mac


All fine here with Firefox for Android.


works for me on Safari and Firefox on MacOS and iOS


Interesting that it works for you guys but we haven’t had one reply yet for Chrome and Edge on Windows 10. The fact that it exhibits the same wrong behaviour on my Chrome and Edge strongly points to a bug and not just something on my system, including extensions, because I don’t have any in Edge (it’s a plain, unmodified version).


Works fine for me:

Google Chrome, Windows 10 on an account with no Admin Rights

Ctrl+Click also works fine.


@Chalky Where are you right-clicking on to? I don’t think you’re reproducing what I described?


Ah right, I get what you mean now.

Yes, right-click doesn’t work for me, it takes me to the page in the same window and then invokes the Copy/Paste contextual menu. However, Ctrl+Click does work for me.


I would have thought this would be a discourse issue - Not a Starling issue (or one that they can fix).

Works fine on a Mac/Safari combo.


Cool, great that you can reproduce it. So it’s definitely a bug.
You’re right, Ctrl+Click indeed works, I’ll update my original post. But right-click doesn’t, and it’s definitely a bug and very bad UX that the context menu doesn’t work.

I don’t know what discourse is and nor should I have to care as a customer.
I am on, a website from the Starling bank, and I am reporting a problem with the Starling website to Starling.


No offence, but this isn’t Starlings website.

Nor do they need to do anything about it.

Discourse is the platform that it operates on and if you really need to open links in new tabs, then I’d suggest speaking to Discourse and seeing if there is a known bug, and possibly a fix.


It’s the only explanation. It has to be. How do i change my name on the community to Phil?


I’m on, which is a subdomain of, and it has the official Starling logo on the upper-left. WHOIS also says this domain belongs to Starling Bank.

Well if it was my company (and I do have one), I’d be interested in having no bugs and good UX on my website.
I would thank my customer for reporting it, open an internal ticket, and then take the steps needed to resolve it (which can include contacting external providers).


@l8n_me I am not quite sure I understand your post. I do have a feeling that you have some kind of problem with the post? In any case, I’ve reported your post as off-topic, as it doesn’t add any value to this thread.


I feel like at this point, nothing is going to calm you down about the travesty.

But if it were me, and I needed something to be sorted, I’d have a google to see if it could be fixed (hint, plenty of posts on google about this).

The reality is, it’s a Starling forum that they provide for their customers.

I’m astounded the staff keep replying when people moan 24/7 about really trvial stuff.

Is this an annoyance for you? Clearly.

Does it affect anything to do with your Starling banking experience? No.