Foreign transactions (pending/final charge)


I spend abroad quite regularly, so it was quite annoying when I spent money on my card, was told the cost of the transaction and seen it clearly in my spending list, then 2 days later the transaction cost was completely different, without notification or reasoning.

I understand the whole process of foreign transactions being processed with delays, see this post for more info: Foreign Transaction

But in my opinion Starling doesn’t do a good enough job to make it clear when a charge is pending and when it is confirmed in your spending list. A simple tag or marker would suffice. Most of the existing legacy banks do this already (via pending transactions).


I understand where you are coming from on this - maybe highlighted as purple (or mint green) in the transaction list?


Thanks for your feedback @solster.
When you first use your card, it will show as Pending in the app (when you click in to the transaction detail).
Let us know if this is still not clear and we can explore ways to improve this.


I think what many of us like would be to not have to click each transaction individually to see if it is pending.

You could either show pending transactions in a different colour in the list, or do what my Halifax and Barclays accounts do and show them at the top of the list in a section labelled ‘pending transactions’


I like to view my Spending list at a glance, not drill down into each transaction to check it. Maybe a solution like @Daesimpso states, which is similar to what all legacy banks do: “Categories/Merchants/Pending”

I would be happy with a simple label/tag at the end/beginning of “Groceries” that says “pending”, similar to what happens when you tag someone in a comment on the forum.

Ultimately the solution must be something which is quick to see and shows overall pending transactions.


The advantage of a separate section over different colours is that the section could have a total amount so you know how much is pending.

In fact my own use browser based portal that keeps track of what payments are left to go out before pay day has a page that shows me all card transactions and whether they are settled or pending. It then shows me my actual balance and the balance once pending payments are settled. In addition I have a ‘left till pay day’ which then takes off all FPS, DD and recurring card payments to show me how much money I have left for me.

I’m going to retire it once we can assign DDs, FPS and card payments by merchant to Goals. That way my Goal has enough money to pay my commitments and what’s in the main account is mine.


I think how it works at the moment is fine.


Another advantage of a separate section over different colours is that using different colours can cause accessibility issues for some people…


One of the main plus points of Starling is that every transaction you make is listed in date/time order, pending or otherwise. If every pending payment you made, abroad or at home, was in a completely different section the transaction list on your home page wouldn’t be doing it’s job properly. A foreign transaction I made yesterday is confirmed as being 2 pence different than originally shown. I’m happy for that to be the case if it means I can get really, really good fx rates.


i like the organised list of transactions too, which is why I am happy to simply have some form of indicator on the transaction to show it is pending. I understand that when you have a transaction which only carries a difference of £0.02 that it may seem pointless, but my last transaction was about £2.00 different for a £120 transaction, and that was a low transaction, I often have transactions up to a £1000 which could end up being £20.00 different, this is substantial when I don’t know if it is the final charge or not, and having to drill into it to see is not ideal or friendly.

At the moment I am having to use my credit card and paying that off with Starling when its confirmed, just to see whats pending and whats not.


I don’t know if anyone is familiar with GitHub issues and labels, but thats pretty much what I am imagining for this. A simple label saying “pending”.


Another option is simply a font change. Maybe italics for pending transactions. No more screen space required and no issues for people who can’t differentiate colours.

Up at the top where it says “your balance” it could also say “pending transactions”


I agree that there should be an easy way of seeing what transactions are pending from the transaction list, rather than entering each payment. If that is by using ‘p’ next to the amount, a different colour, or a different style - I dont really mind either way.


Another thing I’d like to see for foreign spend is the actual time and date of the transaction. I have put through transactions at 7pm San Francisco time but because they are 8 hours behind the time on the transaction changes when my device is back in the uk and the time on my device changes. If there was a note on the transaction that stated it was a different time zone this would be useful.