Foreign Transaction


I am looking forward to using my card abroad.

I currently also have a clarity card wich also does not charge for transactions. This card also shows more or less instantaniously on the app, the transaction shows the pending amount ie 36.04AUS then a coulple of days later it shows the amount debited from my account as 35.95AUS, this is a slight change in rate from when the transaction hit pending until the retailer’s bank make the final adjustment / use of legacy mastercard systems, (transaction date exchange rate versus the settlement date excange rate)

What happens with Starling?

Foreign transactions (pending/final charge)

With Starling it’s the same process, the payment will show up instantly in-app and the exact exchange rate will be decided when the payment settles. That means it may change slightly. We use the mid-market MasterCard exchange rate. Hope that helps! :slight_smile: